Y2WB have been super scientists this week ⛵️

This week we decided that our science investigation would answer the question:

‘Does size matter to make a strong boat?’

We thought about the materials we could use and how we could investigate our question.

We agreed that paper and paperclips could make a boat and we could test the strength using marbles.

To make it a fair test, the children agreed to build a small and big boat in table groups, using the same materials.

We made a prediction and wrote it down.

Working together to make boats video

…and photos:

We then tested our boats, to see which was the strongest.

The children were involved in videoing our testing, taking it in turns and spectators helped to count the marbles.

We adjusted to count the marbles in 2’s, practicing our number skills.

I am sure you will agree, they did an amazing job.

Alfie Jack testing his A3 boat

Aliyah testing her A4 boat

Amelia testing her A4 boat

Buddy and Lola testing their A4 boat

Eliza testing her A3 boat

Finn testing his A3 boat

Kieran testing his A3 boat

Lucas testing his A4 boat

Maisie testing her A3 boat

Poppy and Lily Rose testing their A3 boat

We used drama to show the investigation method that we used.

Using drama to show our investigation

The children recorded their results

and we will finish our conclusion next week.

The investigation results

Do you think that size matters, when making a strong boat?

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