International storytelling in 2WB πŸŒŽπŸ“–

We love working with our Chinese partners as part of an international project. After exchanging ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ stories, we have learned about a traditional Chinese story called ‘The Three Monks.’ We learned the story in English, then the children were really enthusiastic about reading the story in Chinese. Watch our video to see […]

2WB research the first fossil hunter πŸ”ŽπŸ‘€

During science week, we enjoyed researching a famous scientist linked to our current science topic –Β Animals, including humans. We found out that the first fossil hunter was a lady called Mary Anning and we were really interested in learning about what fossils are. We saw and touched what a fossil might be like (from a […]

Reading hangouts in 2WB πŸ“–

It was book t-shirts galore today, for World Book Day! We had a go at building a reading den in school for our World Book Day activities. Later, we went live with our class to see how the den building was going on at home. It was lovely to hangout together, sharing extracts and chatting […]

Super scavenging in 2WB πŸ”Ž

Scavenger hunting in the classroom – something made of wood and something with wheels. Examples from hunting at home. Here are two examples, presented by video: