School Council

School Council 2020

This year our School Council will look very different, we are finding creative ways for the children to communicate across our Bubbles. Let’s get creative and get Virtual, here they are in action.

School Council 2019

Here are our new school Councillors who are very excited about their role this year. Our first challenge is to look at Science in our school and how well it is taught. Good luck everyone we are really proud of you.

Internet Legends

Leading the way for internet safety, well done everyone for achieving the internet legends certificate.

Our First Meeting –

Today we held our first meeting, we discussed our school and the things we felt were working really well and things we would like to change, the children have been set the challenge of running a circle time in their class to get the views of all Rockingham Children. They have come up with some excellent ideas.

Some of their ideas were,

  • To work closely with the peer mediators to improve the playground,
  • Develop the KS1 playground for more opportunities for play,
  • Ensure the music box is out at lunch times on the KS2 playground,
  • Raise money for charities and for new equipment,
  • Encourage children to sign up to after school clubs,
  • Change peoples attitudes towards school

School Councillors 2018 

Meet our new team – 

Here are our school council children from Foundation 1 right through to Year 6, we also have School Council children in our Rockingham Early Years. We will have regular meetings to develop ways forward and make Rockingham the best school in Rotherham! We will keep you updated on our progress.

School Council 2018-2019

The children across school have been busy writing their school council manifestos since returning to school. We will be announcing our winners this week, good luck everyone!

Meet the team 2017-2018 – please see who has been nominated by clicking on the link below.

School council Children

Today we took our school council to the town hall to learn all about the duties and responsibilities of being a councillor. We were extremely lucky to have a guided tour and a question and answer session with the Mayor. The children learnt so much about the role of a Mayor and how she was selected; very much like our children. This afternoon we continued our journey and visited Build-A Bear. The children made their own class mascot, giving it a name and special qualities linked to our learning skills curriculum. The children’s behavior was outstanding, their commitment and hard work will continue over the year making Rockingham Junior and Infant school the best school in Rotherham.

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