Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Implementation, Intent and Impact – Our Journey from Early Years through to Year 6  


The Willow Tree Cultural Creative Offer

Our Philosophy

At Willow Tree Academy we believe in providing children with opportunities to have a positive impact on the world at a local, national and global level.  We want all children to gain new experiences and opportunities throughout their time at Willow Tree Academy. We believe that all children’s talents should be recognised, encouraged and celebrated both in and out of school.  We aim to teach children to develop an acceptance and understanding of others within the multi-cultural society in which we live. We want all children to develop high aspirations for themselves, developing their thinking and reasoning skills and being able to communicate effectively.  To enable this we will provide all children with a vibrant and engaging curriculum and through the teaching of relevant, stimulating topics. We want to develop children as confident, independent individuals that enable them to become responsible citizens who are environmentally aware of their world.

We will design our NEMESIS projects with this offer in mind, so that children can understand their rights and responsibilities and become social changemakers of tomorrow.

Opportunities our children will receive during their time at Willow Tree Academy:

  • Visits to the theatre (locally and regionally) and visits from theatre groups into school
  • Visits to religious buildings and places of worship and learn of other cultures
  • Learn about people through history who have changed the world for the good 
  • Opportunities to visit the local library and utilise its services
  • Engage with visitors into school from the wider community (NEMESIS)
  • Visits into the local community to sample opportunities that are there for them i.e. parks, local places of interest, walks, woodlands, country parks and art galleries
  • Visits to Higher Education establishments (colleges and universities) to promote career aspirations
  • To take part in activities linked to the Children’s Festival i.e. Big String/Blast, One Voice, Shakespeare Project, Rothervision, Picture This etc
  • To play a musical instrument 
  • To know that the Arts, drama, art, dancing and singing is how we express our feelings
  • To develop international links with schools in other countries -NEMESIS, China Spain
  • To develop an understanding of how the wider world impacts on them through the UN global goals
  • To experience travelling by train, bus, tram and boat (Northumberland)
  • To visit contrasting localities e.g. the coast, countryside and cities such as London
  • To experience live music events e.g. One Voice, Young Voices, Theatre visits
  • To participate in sporting events to represent the school – Willow Tree Olympics, competitions in sports such as: football, cricket, basketball, rounders, dance, gymnastics
  • Children will be given opportunities to showcase their talents through activities such as school performances, talent shows and assemblies/services
  • Children will be given an opportunity to learn a musical instrument
  • Children will learn another language and share this across the Academy
  • Children will develop an understanding of different members of society e.g. homeless
  • Children will develop an understanding of national initiatives that are used to support people around the world e.g. Children in Need, Comic Relief
  • Each term children will experience a first-hand visit/visitor or residential to support their learning in school e.g. farm, nature area, museum
  • Children visit Crucial Crew to  raise awareness of safety issues through scenario based situations,
  • We have a range of after school clubs that develop the skills and interests of the children and build relationships across school, strengthening British Values. 

How children are provided with these opportunities

We will endeavour to promote our children’s personal development through our SMSC education, PSHCE and the wider curriculum. Throughout school we identify children who are gifted and talented in different areas and aim to celebrate and promote this.  All children are given opportunities to develop their skills at their own level through in class learning and after school provision. We will continue to hold open mornings/afternoons for parents and carers to showcase children’s learning from the REAL projects (now NEMESIS) and STEM opportunities.  Children will be given multi-sensory experiences through technology and drama based lessons and taking learning out of the classroom. Home learning activities will also aim to develop opportunities for parents and carers to work alongside their child/children on cultural, creative activities. Children will be taught current affairs at an age appropriate level to inform and dispel any misconceptions should they occur.  Staff will work alongside children to challenge stereotypical viewpoints. We work closely with key people within the local authority to enhance what we do e.g. Ann Foxley Johnson from the Anti Bullying alliance. We provide our children and parents with drop in sessions, teaching opportunities, mental health awareness and family learning, all of which develops a network of support for families. 

Our Statement of Intent

Literacy Statement of Intent_

Science Statement of Intent

ICT – Statement of Intent

Art Statement of Intent

History Statement of Intent

Geography Statement of Intent

PE- Statement of Intent

RE Statement of intent

Music Statement of Intent

PSHE Statement of Intent

MFL Statement of Intent


Children learn best through first-hand real-life experiences.

View our Curriculum Policy here – WTA Curriculum Policy 2019

Here is our Remote learning policy in line with new regulations and Covid-19

September 2020   WTA Remote Learning Policy Sept 2020 (1)

Updated Policy January 2021   WTA Remote Learning Policy Jan 2021

Here is our Parent Guide on expectations of home learning,  Remote Learning January – Expectations for Parents

The curriculum at Rockingham Junior and Infant School is designed to engage and inspire children to become passionate learners.  Children are involved in planning and therefore, the curriculum is guided by them to allow their interest to be used to support learning. Academic achievement is given a high priority as well as developing the whole child. We have high expectations for our learners in all curriculum areas and teach through a topic centered approach which is relevant to the children we teach.

An overview of our curriculum and educational visits can be downloaded here.

WTA long term curriculum plan 2020- 2021


RHE – Changes to Curriculum Policy for Parents

Parent leaflet explaining the curriculum and Coverage – RHE Parent Leaflet – outlining the changes to the curriculum

Rockingham Science Principles 2020Science Principles

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