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Spring Term 2021

Spring Term Overview – Showcasing our remote learning and the amazing outcomes from our children and families, Newsletter-Spring-Term-1










Autumn Term 2020

Our First News letter of the year.

Here is our First Newsletter of the Year, we hope you enjoy reading what we have been up to over the last two weeks. Your children have been fabulous and loved returning to school. We have put support in place for our children who didn’t have the opportunity to return to school after lockdown to ensure they have had a smooth transition and built relationships with their new Teacher and Learning Support Assistants. Thank you for all your support and patience and let’s keep working together.

September 11th 2020 – News Letter 11th September 2020

September 25th 2020 – News Letter 25th September 2020

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Summer Term – Rockingham in Lockdown Edition 6 

Summer Term – Rockingham in Lockdown Edition 5 Featuring Virtual Sports Day

Summer Term – Rockingham in Lockdown Edition 4 –

Summer Term – Rockingham in Lockdown Edition 3

Summer Term – Rockingham in Lockdown Edition 2

Summer Term – Rockingham in Lockdown Edition 1

Here is our first addition of Rockingham News Round we still have our competitions for our theme music and for naming the show. Our First Edition is 24 minutes long as we had so many staff and children who wanted to participate and are so excited to get this up and running. We hope you enjoy watching what has been happening at Rockingham. A huge thank you to Mrs Buttree, Mrs Tyzack for your hard work on pulling all of this together.


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BASC Changes from September 2017


A Message to Parents and Families from South Yorkshire Police


Keeping parents informed

At Rockingham, we believe it is important to keep parents updated on what is happening in school.

Every two weeks, a newsletter is sent out to all parents with information regarding the school and to inform of exciting learning opportunities which children have been involved with.  A copy of the printed newsletters will always be available on this page to download.

Rockingham also has a twitter account which is updated regularly and serves as another way in which the school can communicate with parents. Teachers regularly update the school website to ensure that parents can see how children are learning at school. We encourage parents and children to view the website together, to promote a discussion about learning.