Foundation Stage

Welcome to Rockingham J&I Foundation Stage.

What will your child learn this term?

Rockingham Early Years

Here is the Knowledge Organiser for Rockingham Early Years for Autumn Term 2020

KO Autumn Term 2020

Rockingham Early Years Spring Term 2021 Knowledge Organiser 

Foundation 1

Foundation 1 Knowledge Organisers, your child’s learning Journey

Whole term KO Autumn term 2020

KO FS1 Sprng Term 2021 amendments/Remote Learning

Foundation 2

Here is the Knowledge Organiser for Foundation 2 for Spring Term 2021

Here is the Knowledge Organiser for Foundation 2 for Autumn Term 2020

Knowledge Organiser EYFS F2 Autumn Term


Meet the Foundation 1 Team – 

Meet the Foundation 2 Team – 



Click the link below to view our curriculum planning overview for this term.

Summer Term Knowledge Organiser and Topic Web 

Here are our Year in the life books 2019-2020 we hope you enjoy watching 

REY – 

Foundation One – 

Foundation 2 – 

F1 spring term curriculum letter 2020

EYFS Autumn Curriculum Letter

F1 Autumn term 1 2019

Home learning menu

F1 baking

Family Fridays

Foundation 2 Information for Parents – 

EYFS curriculum letter

EYFS A1&2 curriculum letter 2019DearZoo

EYFS A1&2 curriculum letter 2019Summer

EYFS summer term curriculum letter 2019

Curriculum letter Autumn2019 Foundation 2

Curriculum letter Spring 2020