Extra Curricular Activities at Rockingham

  • Newsletter – Spring 1
    Here is some wonderful learning outcomes from Spring 1 and our journey so far. We have had a remarkable term with live lessons, Extra Curricular Activities and competitions to make everyone smile. We […]
  • STEM secret messaging challenge 📩
    Today we gathered some everyday household items and got ready to try some alternative ways of messaging. Firstly, we looked at how we could use objects to make images of words or phrases. Then we […]
  • Construction Club
    We had lots of fun completing different construction challenges in our extra curricular club. We made animals, built a tower one handed and even built a model blindfolded. Great job everyone! Share […]
  • Drawing into Talking with Miss Tyzack.
    Over the last two weeks the children have been focussing on the eye and mouth when studying the face. The children have really enjoyed working with Miss Tyzack and the have really enjoyed their […]
  • Thank you Mrs Oram, joining the team with a bang!
    Thank you so much to Mrs Oram and Charlotte for our Extra Curricular club this afternoon. The children loved making fruit kebabs and fruit salads. Some of our children even created artwork using the […]
  • Scavenger Hunt with Mrs Sweeney and Mrs Lilleyman.
    We had so much fun on our scavenger hunt around the house today with Mrs Lilleyman and Mrs Sweeney. Thank you both for our extra curricular fun. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new […]
  • Mr Hanson leads the way with a Fitness session.
    Mr Hanson held his extra curricular activity today with a fitness session for all children in school to join, we did press ups, lunges and squats not to mention a whole range of exercises to keep us […]
  • We love working with @RotherhamMusic
    We love working with Rotherham Music Service and have really been enjoying our sessions. We will be sharing their video with all of our classes. Share this:Click to share […]
  • Family Learning is back with a bang! @Rotherhamcreat2
    Family Learning is back with a bang! Calling all parents to take part and share pictures to enable us to collect free books for schools. Information from @Rotherhamcreat2 our wonderful Rotherham […]
  • Distinction School Games Award.
    Today we received conformation of our Distinction Award for our commitment to Sports Provision during what has been a challenging Year. Through our Daily Sporting challenges, Dancing with Mr Hanson […]

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Cheerleading club Sept 18

Extra curricular activities Autumn 2018

Extra Curricular Clubs Spring 2018

Here are some photographs from some of our after school clubs, Heart Start, Cooking and Animation. The children are really engaged and motivated in their learning as you can see from their smiley faces.

Extra Curricular Clubs Autumn 2017