3WB – P4C discussions

We love P4C in 3WB. We used the text One Kind Day as our stimulus. Our first thoughts from the text linked to Anti Bullying week and the children were very articulate when sharing their thoughts. Later, the children thought of lots of possible questions and decided on one question to discuss as a class […]

6B – Kindness Knots

Today, the children in 6B were given a piece of string with the instruction to tie a knot in the string every time they completed an act of kindness throughout the day. Children were able to reflect on these acts at the end of the day and discuss how it made themselves and others feel. […]

Yummy fruit kebabs in REY!

This week in REY we have been reading the story ‘I Can Eat a Rainbow’ so to link to the book we have been making our own fruit kebabs! The children showed great persistence and resilience when doing this as it can be quite tricky to do! We have loved trying lots of different fruit […]

Teeth brushing in F1

This week in F1 we have been learning about keeping our teeth healthy. Hey Duggee showed us how to brush our teeth correctly and we practised this with our own toothbrush. We made a toothbrush for the Tiger who came to tea.

REY Healthy Little Movers!

Today we have had a lovely visit from Wendy from the outreach team. She has been into setting and done some lovely activities linked to healthy eating and our bodies. The children warmed up their bodies following some action songs and then we tried lots of delicious fruit! Parents have also been given a handout […]