Y6 Road Safety

As an extension of our learning about road safety at Crucial Crew last year, we have had a refresher on how to keep ourselves safe when out and about in our community. Children have heard top tips for travelling to their new secondary school.

Y6 transition workshop -WMIM

Today, James from With me in mind has been into Y6 to discuss any worries regarding children’s transition to secondary school. Children were able to explore their anxieties but also talk about what they are looking forward to.

6B – First Aid week

Today, we started our basic first aid lessons. Children thought about how to conduct a primary assessment, we’re know how to remember key information with the word LIONEL and are now ready to move on to CPR.  

Great week in 34P

Although it has been a short week on school, 34P have been excellent and have done fantastic. They’ve learnt about asthma and staying safe as part of First Aid week, we’ve become budding electricians in making scientific circuits and have finished off the week wonderfully working in hatching in art.   We are also on […]

Mrs FJ is back to remind us of our anti bullying pledge

Today, 5/6H and 6B contributed to discussions around different types of bullying. We improved our knowledge on all types of bullying but specifically took note of indirect bullying, which we carefully defined. Other important types of bullying covered today were prejudicial and sexual bullying that can also occur. A good level of sensible discussion throughout […]