Special Mentions

We love celebrating all our successes and learning weekly with our children in the special mentions assembly. All our children have produced high quality learning outcomes and developed new knowledge. It is so lovely to hear about what makes our school so special. Congratulations Jenson on winning this weeks Head Teachers Award for alway being […]

Andy Goldsworthy inspired art 4D

Yesterday the children used their understanding of Andy Goldsworthy’s style of art to create their own pieces. They used natural resources on the school grounds to create their outcomes. The children then explained their artwork and their reasoning behind the resources they chose.

6B join Y5 and 6 Willow weaving

Today we contributed to a joint willow sculpture which is now attached to one of the front fences in school for all to see. We learnt new skills and with a lot of resilience made some lovely leaves made of willow to add to the branches.

Celebrating our Successes

During special mentions today we celebrated some amazing successes and celebrated our learning together. The children looked incredible in Yellow Supporting mental health charities. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work this week. Congratulations Jack on achieving the Head Teachers Award this week and to Mrs Buttree – our staff star of the […]

6B – #NationalPoetryDay

Today we have been appreciating poetry looking at a range of narrative poems around our key person in history, Grace Darling. Children were able to express their likes and dislikes about the anthology presented and give reasons for their choices. We then added in a drama frieze focussing on the famous painting ‘The Wreck of […]

F1 Celebrates Black History Month through Art

In F1, we have been looking at the works of artist Charles Gaines. We have loved looking at his artwork and discussing the colours he uses to make them bright and beautiful. We even noticed that Charles uses numbers in his art! We have put our own spin on his artwork by creating a tree […]

Ink skills 4D

The children have been focusing on their ink skills. They have learnt about different patterns to create texture and tone. Here are some of our leave designs linked to the rainforest.

3/4P Andy Goldsworthy Art

This week we have continued our learning of Andy Goldsworthy and his artistic style. We ventured outdoors into our woodland area to complete our own artistic learning in his style.  Children used the environment to develop their learning, working in small groups on a shared goal.  The outcomes created were fantastic.   Well done   […]

6B Craft Camellias for Wentworth Woodhouse

Wentworth Woodhouse has invited us to make paper camellia flowers to contribute to a collaborative art work installation, to attract funding to restore its beloved Camellia House. Children followed specific instructions carefully and used resilience to make our contributions. I bet you agree they look beautiful. Imagine how amazing they will look when all schools […]