Y5P – Cultural Reading

In Guided Reading, Y5 have focused on Black History Month and have learned about some of the most important black figures in our history. This week, we have read about Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.


Today we celebrated our Willow Tree Oscars where some of our children were awarded an Oscar for their animation and film making skills all based on areas of the curriculum and the topic they have been learning. We are so proud to announce that our Winners were …. Year 6 Animation of the Heart Year […]


Children have worked hard developing their social innovation skills.   They initially started working by competing a questionnaire, which gave us their initial views.  They then continued to complete a range of activities where they worked through key activities and initiatives to make the game world better.  Children then completed a questionnaire to show how […]

Film Festival @nemesis_edu

So proud of all our schools today and all the schools within our partnership for being involved in such a fantastic opportunity. Over the past four years we have been involved in NEMESIS projects. Novel, Educational, Model for Social Innovation Skills. Where we have developed social invocation skills within our children and our curriculum. Today […]

2WB Revisit the LEAF Centre

This week we revisited the LEAF Centre site and we couldn’t believe the changes from when we first visited. The building is now well on it’s way and we even saw some bricks being added. Here are some photos of our first visit compared to our second visit. What a change!

Showing @AbbeyLearning around our school – @nemesis_edu

Our children have created a wonderful video to share with our friends at Abbey School, it has been so lovely to make connections and complete a NEMESIS project together. The children in both schools have made new friendships, learnt new skills and grown in confidence.  

Celebrating our @nemesis_edu project with @AbbeyLearning

Our children have thoroughly enjoyed working with Abbey School, they have been working together throughout this year and met weekly to discuss their project based on what shopping will look like in the future. This week they shared their 3D projects based on the shops they have designed. We were so surprised that the children […]