Special Mentions

We love celebrating all our successes and learning weekly with our children in the special mentions assembly. All our children have produced high quality learning outcomes and developed new knowledge. It is so lovely to hear about what makes our school so special. Congratulations Jenson on winning this weeks Head Teachers Award for alway being […]

REY – STEM – colour mixing

This week in REY linked to our story ‘I Can Eat A Rainbow’ we have been exploring different coloured powder paints. We named the colours and then using the different tools mixed the paints together and watched what happened when the paints were mixed. The children really enjoyed this and loved seeing the paints turn […]

Celebrating our Successes

During special mentions today we celebrated some amazing successes and celebrated our learning together. The children looked incredible in Yellow Supporting mental health charities. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work this week. Congratulations Jack on achieving the Head Teachers Award this week and to Mrs Buttree – our staff star of the […]


Today we have been learning about Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and what types of foods that they eat , we completed a venn diagram to show the animal groups and then Created a food plate to show what foods each group would eat .