Remembrance Day

The first Remembrance day was held a year after the first world war, it was to commemorate the agreement that was signed which ended WW1 after years of fighting by 32 different countries. The agreement called Armistice was signed on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11am So from that first year, we […]

Special Mentions Assembly

This week we celebrated all of our learners achievements. We have so many children who are moving to the next planet on their maths passport challenge and I know our children love being challenged. We have had colour mixing, map work and some fabulous rollercoasters in science. It has been such a wonderful week and […]

Special Mentions

We love celebrating all our successes and learning weekly with our children in the special mentions assembly. All our children have produced high quality learning outcomes and developed new knowledge. It is so lovely to hear about what makes our school so special. Congratulations Jenson on winning this weeks Head Teachers Award for alway being […]