REY learning about internet safety!

This week in REY we looked at internet safety, we read ‘Buddy the Dog’s’ story and sang the internet safety song. We spoke about different devices we have, looking at a laptop, iPad and a mobile phone and the children told us some of the things they have at home!

5/6H P4C and ICT – Safer Internet Day

For safer internet day this week, we watched videos of different scenarios about staying safe online and on social media. We then held a P4C discussion starting with the question about if links should be accepted. This led to some very good discussion about people we know and do not know online.

Safer Internet Day – 3WB

Yesterday, as part of ‘Safer Internet Day’ we watched a video about Jessie and friends. It gave us information about how to stay safe online when playing games. It prompted our P4C discussion based around enjoying online games, while keeping safe and knowing what to do if things ever feel unsafe.

Internet Safety Day P4C 4D

The children carried out an enquiry linked to internet safety. They considered sharing videos online and how this could be harmful if the wrong information is shared. They discussed about privacy and having consent to share content. Here are some pictures of our enquiry today.

Children’s Mental Health Week 2022

Today we began ‘Mental Health Week 2022’ by talking about growing and changing. We used 2 poems that were about changes and growing up to stimulate a discussion about changes that we remember in our lifetime and also about what changes we would like for our future,  what we would like to be when we […]

Cave Paintings Presentation 4D

The children carried out research about cave paintings. They looked at where the paintings are located, how they were made and possible reasons for why the people of the Stone Age painted in caves. The children delivered their research as a presentation to the class.

5/6H P4C

This afternoon 5/6H discussed if it was ever right to fight linked to our World War 2 topic. We had a very deep discussion and the children shared their views very clearly.

3WB – P4C discussions

We love P4C in 3WB. We used the text One Kind Day as our stimulus. Our first thoughts from the text linked to Anti Bullying week and the children were very articulate when sharing their thoughts. Later, the children thought of lots of possible questions and decided on one question to discuss as a class […]

6B P4C – One Kind Day

Today 6B have had a wonderful P4C session around the story One Kind Day. Children came up with a range of questions and we voted on the one that we would like to discuss further. The winning question was: What can ‘One Kind Word’ do to change a persons day?  

Special Mentions

We love celebrating all our successes and learning weekly with our children in the special mentions assembly. All our children have produced high quality learning outcomes and developed new knowledge. It is so lovely to hear about what makes our school so special. Congratulations Jenson on winning this weeks Head Teachers Award for alway being […]

P4C in 3WB

This week in 3WB our P4C focus was ‘New beginnings’. Our discussion led us to think about our aspirations for the future and we had a variety of responses. All children really enjoyed listening to each other and asking questions to deeper our understanding of each response. Here are just a few examples but all […]

Celebrating our Successes

During special mentions today we celebrated some amazing successes and celebrated our learning together. The children looked incredible in Yellow Supporting mental health charities. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work this week. Congratulations Jack on achieving the Head Teachers Award this week and to Mrs Buttree – our staff star of the […]

6B – P4C

Today we started our discussion in response to a film that we watched about how the world had a new beginning after the Corona Virus. Children formulated a few questions in small groups and then we came up with a short list of excellent questions together that we could debate as a class. Finally, we […]

F1 New Beginnings

In F1, we have thought hard about new beginnings and what this could mean. We have considered the new school year and thought about our feelings going into our new class. We have been able to discuss the things that we have most enjoyed about F1 so far, and what we might have found a […]