6H French Jobs

This week in French we have been starting to learn the vocabulary for different jobs. We looked at a matching game to help us remember the different terms.

6H DT Food tasting

This week we have been researching foods for healthy smoothies so that we can use them for leaving events later in the year. The testing was for flavour combinations and looking at the health benefits of the fruit so that we can then design smoothies and test out how they taste.  

6H LEAF Centre

Today 6H went to have another look at how the LEAF centre is developing. We went up to see how the building is progressing and looked at how the walls are being constructed. We enjoyed seeing the crane. The children are looking forward to going again in a couple of weeks to see how it […]

Every Kid Healthy Week 26.04.21

Every Kid Healthy Week: What is it? Every Kid Healthy™ Week is an annual observance created in 2013 to celebrate school health and wellness achievements. Recognised on the calendar of National Health Observances and observed the last full week of April each year, each day of the week shines a spotlight on the great actions […]

6H PE -Tennis

This week in PE, 6H have been practicing their forehand and backhand strokes in tennis. We have been working on our hand eye coordination and also our control when striking the ball. The shots were getting much better by the end of the session and will continue to improve next time.

6H Geography – Earth Day

As part of Earth week, 6H looked at how humans have an impact on our planet. To be the change makers of the future, we wrote pledges for what we could do to look after the planet for future generations. Using cars less, planting more trees and using recyclable plastics were just some of the […]

6H Science – Making Blood

As part of our science learning this week, 6H looked at the different cells which make up blood in the body. Using different foods we made blood looking at the percentages of each type of cell you needed. The results were fantastic.

6H Meeting the Goats

This week, we were very lucky that Mrs Elliott brought in two new born goats to school. 6H really enjoyed visiting them and asking questions. They were really impressed that Mr Hanson even held one! Hopefully we will see them again when they are bigger.

Mrs Elliott pops in with the Newspaper – Leaf Centre

After cutting the sod our journey in developing our very own Nurture Provision hits the Advertiser. The children are really enjoying being involved in our Nemesis project and making a difference to the local community. Thank you Mrs Elliott for taking the time to bring copies in for our children, what a special keep sake.

Special Mentions at Rockingham

Today’s final special mentions was one to remember. We said our goodbyes to Mrs Perratt, Ms Atkinson and Mrs Marlow who will all be greatly missed at Rockingham. We awarded 20 Easter Raffle prizes courtesy of Mrs Slack who did an excellent job of organising this this term. Thank you Mrs Slack. We also awarded […]

Beat the Street is here!

Mr Purshouse is busy allocating our Beat the Street Fobs, maps and Teacher Information. We just know our children are going to love getting involved in such a fabulous initiative. Thank you so much for allowing us to be part of this amazing opportunity. Mental Health, Wellbeing and fitness is at the heart of what […]

Easter Service

Our children beautifully told the story of Easter through the arts, drama and literacy. The children worked collaboratively together to celebrate Easter. Our youngest children talked about the joys of Spring and Growth. Thank you to all our parents who were able go join and to Reverend Lyn Wortley for sharing a beautiful video for […]

6H Census Day

This week we have been looking at the Census taking place this week. We looked at how helpful they are and what data they generate every ten years. The children then developed their own questions to investigate and carry out a census.  

6H P4C My Strong Mind

This week, 6H have carried out learning about growth mindsets and being positive. Today we held a Philosophy for Children session. The children developed their own question – How can you build a strong mind? – which they discussed brilliantly. We have posted the question on dojo so that parents can share with our discussion. […]