Science Club fun

Today in science club the children have made their own play dough. The children thought about the different materials such as flour, oil, food colouring and water and how they change state when mixed together.We had fun making different shapes and changing the colour of our dough by adding more food colouring. 

Y5P – Scientific Research

Y5P enjoyed researching about the planets in our solar system. We searched for specific facts such as: distance from the sun, average temperature, diameter and distance from Earth. Next week, we will look to publish our research.

PE – Football Y5P

Y5P looking at dribbling yesterday in their PE lesson. Our objective was to keep our heads up, find the space and use the inside of our foot to dribble with the ball.

6B PSHE – What makes a good friend?

Today, we have discussed what makes a good friend, listing qualities and attributes. We then ranked them in importance order but came to the conclusion that all of the qualities that we look for have the same level of importance. Finally we explored Agony Aunt/ Uncle scenarios and expressed our opinions on what we would […]

Special Mentions Celebrations

We loved our first assembly back sharing all the wonderful things that had happened that week. Our children have come back settled and love learning. It was really lovely to see our KS1 children back in the hall. Well done to all our winners and to Scholes who have taken the house challenge lead.

Appreciating the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy

Last week we researched some facts about Andy Goldsworthy. We then spent time looking at some examples of his art work and sculptures. We enjoyed discussing how his art made us feel and what we liked and disliked about it. We added comments to encourage discussion as we moved around the classroom. We were certainly […]