Scholes, champions of the world.

What an incredible day at Wentworth Woodhouse for our House Treat. Team Scholes really embraced the day despite the heat and tired legs on our return to school.  We explored the gardens, played games and even had an ice-cream. Well done all and good luck next year.

Willow Tree Warriors introducing our vlog 💻

Welcome to our introductory vlog – The Willow Tree Warrior team at RJI have been monitoring computing chat on the playground and bring you their latest news and advice… 💻

Life Cycle and Art

The children in F1 have explored colour mixing through painting a frog. They mixed different shades of green and used smaller brushes to paint different sized shapes and add fine detail.

F1 Science Week Life Cycles

This week it is Science Week and we are learning all about growth. We read the story The Teeny Tiny Tadpole and went to our pond to look for tadpoles and frogspawn. We carefully collected the frogspawn and have brought it back to class to watch it grow into tadpoles.    

F1 Insect Pencil Drawings

This week we have been practising our pencil drawing skills. We have been drawing lines and different shapes and joining them together to represent an insect. We have done a brilliant job and are very proud of our artwork.  

F1 STEM Project

We had a visit from the Evil Pea in class today. He has escaped from the freezer and has frozen our Minibeasts with an icy blast! He challenged the children to free the Minibeasts from ice. We were really good at trying out different ways to break and melt the ice. We used heat from […]

F1 Minibeast Fossils

This week we have been modelling with clay and made our own Minibeast fossils. We rolled the clay flat and then pushed an insect into the clay to make a print. We are looking forward to painting our fossils once they are dry.  

Mad about Minibeasts F1

This week we have enjoyed reading our new book Mad about Minibeasts and learning all about different insects and where they live. To celebrate Workd Boid Day we have created our own brilliant Minibeast hats.

Emergency Vehicles F1

The children have been learning about emergency vehicles and discussing how they are used to help people. They painted their own vehicles, exploring colour and shape.  

F1 Art Club

This week in art club the children painted the clay pots that they made last week. They explored colour mixing and really focused on their painting.  

F1 Outdoor Mindfulness

The children really enjoyed expressing themselves through drawing outside. They created different patterns using the chalk on the floor and talked about the colours and marks they had made.  

Art Club F1

This week in art club we made pots using clay. The children used there fingers to mould the clay into a round shape then pinched and pulled the clay to form the edges of the pot. They added patterns using clay tools.

Internet Safety Day F1

For internet safety day we read the story Penguin Pig and talked about how some things posted on the internet are not always true. We decided that it is important to think before you click and to ask an adult for help. The children understood that you never should meet anyone you talk to online. […]

Mindfulness F1

Today in F1 the children took part in some mindfulness yoga to help us feel calm before going home. The children did a brilliant job at copying the poses and keeping calm and quiet.  

Chinese Food Tasting F1

We really enjoyed trying different Chinese food this morning. We were brilliant at trying new foods and talking about how it tasted.

Chinese New Year F1

This week we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. The children have been learning about the celebration and have enjoyed exploring the continuous provision.  

Funny Bones F1

We have really enjoyed learning about the role of a doctor and nurse and how they help us when we go to hospital. We found out about X Rays and created our own.

Amazing Astronauts F1

We have been learning about the amazing job that astronauts do. We watched a video of the moon landing and a space shuttle launch. We have really enjoyed using the different areas of provision to extend our knowledge and understanding.

F1 2D Shape

F1 have really enjoyed learning about 2D shape. They have been practising naming shapes and describing their properties. They even made shapes with natural objects and play dough.  

Newsletter 17th of December

Please enjoy our last Newsletter of 2021, thank you for all your support this year and we hope the children have the most wonderful Christmas and New Year, we really have had the most wonderful term.  

Foundation Production

Our Foundation Children have produced a wonderful Christmas production this year, combining our Rockingham Early Years and Foundation 1 Our Early Years children became little elves this year, our Foundation 1 children shared their carols. We are so proud of our children, they were so confident, happy and eager to get in front of the […]

Christingle Service Showcase

Today we held our Christingle Service, thank you to all of our Teachers and children for sharing your contributions and allowing us to continue our service in a beautiful way. We were given the meaning and history of the Christingle interspersed by some beautiful singing. We hope you enjoy watching.   Y5/6H Information and Prayers  […]