Scholes – Sports Day Winners 2022

A huge congratulations to Scholes today, not only winning the house points but winning the sports day too. We are so proud of all the children for their resilience and sportsmanship. The way you all supported each other was so wonderful to see. Thank you parents for coming and joining in the fun. Please make […]

Picture this Launch 2022

We are so, so proud of our incredible children and staff creating some outstanding Artwork for picture this 2022. The theme was movement and they have certainly achieved that through a range of media and techniques, both 3D and 2D. Thank you Miss Stubbs, Mrs Rawson and Miss Tyzack for displaying our learning in such […]

Scholes, champions of the world.

What an incredible day at Wentworth Woodhouse for our House Treat. Team Scholes really embraced the day despite the heat and tired legs on our return to school.  We explored the gardens, played games and even had an ice-cream. Well done all and good luck next year.

STEM activity in REY!

This week we have been reading the story Chicken Licken and have been thinking about things that fall from the sky! We carried out a STEM activity to see which objects float and sink in water! We began by using an acorn from the story and the children had a go guessing if they thought […]

A duckling visit in REY! 🦆

Today we had a visit from the baby ducklings that have hatched in F2! The children were so excited and all did fantastic listening and were so gentle with the ducklings when stroking them. The ducklings had a little swim in the water and the children loved watching them and found them very funny to […]

Rockingham Celebrates the Jubilee

On Thursday we celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee with a Rockingham Garden party. We had singing, dancing and parades all around. Our families arrived in style and we celebrated with an outdoor picnic, marking 70 years of the Queen’s reign.

Budding writers in REY!

This week in REY our youngest children in school have shown a keen interest in writing letters and having a go writing their name. We are so proud of our children, look at their amazing literacy skills!

Duck maths in REY 🦆

This week linked to our new book of the week ‘The Ugly Duckling’ we have been having a go recognising numbers 1-5 and matching the correct amount of ducks to the number! We started first by just practicing reciting the numbers 1-5 and then introduced the ducks alongside. The children initially found this really tricky […]

Willow Tree Warriors introducing our vlog 💻

Welcome to our introductory vlog – The Willow Tree Warrior team at RJI have been monitoring computing chat on the playground and bring you their latest news and advice… 💻

Stay and Play in REY!

This week we have had our parents come and play with us in REY! We were very excited and so were our parents as some have never been in our setting before so it was lovely for them to get to see our environment. They were able to see our children sing the morning song […]

Easter Service at St Mary’s Church

Today we shared our Easter Service with parents at St Mary’s Church, it was such a wonderful celebration after being absent for two years. The joy on everyones faces was amazing to see. Thank you to our wonderful children and staff for putting together such a beautiful service to celebrate the true meaning of Easter. […]

Special Easter Egg Hunt in REY!

We had a special visit from Wendy yesterday from the Rotherham Outreach Team who came to do us an Easter egg hunt! Wendy hid the yummy chocolate eggs all around our garden and the children had to go and find them. We had lots of fun and the children were so excited to find the […]

Our first picnic of the year in REY!

Today we were so excited as we had our first picnic of the year outside! It has been a lovely warm spring day and we have spent most of the day outside enjoying the weather! The children loved sitting together and having our snack, we can’t wait for the summer! We have also enjoyed some […]

Maths – pattern work in REY

This week in REY we have introduced the children to patterns! The children began by naming the colours they could see then the adults modelled making a pattern using their fingers to dip in the paint then print onto the paper! The children then had a go themselves and chose the colours they wanted to […]

Our Science week in REY!

This week we have celebrated Science Growth week in REY, this linked fantastic to our new book ‘Caterpillars Wish’ as we learnt all about the life cycle of a caterpillar! We are so lucky as we have our very own caterpillars that we are checking on daily and we can’t wait to see them turn […]

Tiny Talkers Rotherham – Supporting 0-5 Year Olds with Early Language.

Please follow  Tiny Talkers Rotherham supports Early Language and Development for children in Early Years. There is also a Tiny Talkers for professionals group which provides ideas and support for our youngest children. There is infomation and support for parents and professionals in supporting our children with speech and language development. Please take a […]

Our achievements in REY! 🎉

This week it has been Record of Achievement so all week in REY we have been celebrating all of our wonderful achievements this term. The children were so happy to receive their certificate and get a round of applause from all of their friends! We are so proud of each and everyone of our children […]