5/6H P4C

This afternoon 5/6H discussed if it was ever right to fight linked to our World War 2 topic. We had a very deep discussion and the children shared their views very clearly.

Literacy – Shreks swamp.

Today 1M went for a walk to our pond area to search for clues and adjectives to describe what Shrek’s swamp might look like . We didn’t see Shrek unfortunately but we found lots of clues, pictures and adjectives to describe his swamp. We write down the different words on a whiteboard and then went […]

5/6H and 6B – PSHE Real Love Rocks

This week, 5/6H and 6B have continued their learning based on Real Love Rocks. We have discussed issues such as grooming and how to identify and report this. We want the children to be aware and be able act in any scenario.

Amazing Astronauts F1

We have been learning about the amazing job that astronauts do. We watched a video of the moon landing and a space shuttle launch. We have really enjoyed using the different areas of provision to extend our knowledge and understanding.

F1 2D Shape

F1 have really enjoyed learning about 2D shape. They have been practising naming shapes and describing their properties. They even made shapes with natural objects and play dough.  

The Stone Age

Children have had an amazing start to the new topic around ‘The Stone Age’.  They have immersed themselves in our new class text and will soon have completed a wonderful diary piece based on this. They have also returned in 2022 with a wonderful attitude to their foundation subject learning .  

C+L activities in REY!

This week in REY linked to our book of the week we have been identifying familiar objects and properties from our story. The children have been looking at the story with an adult and independently and naming some of the objects in the pictures. Some of our children have also been looking at the action […]

We are Archaeologists!

This week we embarked on an archaeological dig to unearth artefacts from the past. We found a pendant from the Stone Age! We then used the skills we learned in History to help us write a diary about an archaeological dig in our Literacy lessons. We love our new topic!

Special Mentions Assembly

Congratulations to all our winners this week who have produced some outstanding learning. We are so proud of all our learners. Well done Mia and congratulations on winning the Head Teachers Award this week for your enthusiasm for reading.