DT 4D Round houses

The children have used a range of skills to develop their round houses further. They also used teamwork and communication skills to weave and make knots. We just have our finishing touches to add next week.

Fimo workshop 4D

The children in 4D have been very lucky to be involved in the heart of willow project. The children have used fimo clay to make their mould for their metal hearts. They considered their design and then created their final mould. The children will see these designs being made into metal hearts in our workshop […]

Chinese Food Tasting F1

We really enjoyed trying different Chinese food this morning. We were brilliant at trying new foods and talking about how it tasted.

6B Craft Camellias for Wentworth Woodhouse

Wentworth Woodhouse has invited us to make paper camellia flowers to contribute to a collaborative art work installation, to attract funding to restore its beloved Camellia House. Children followed specific instructions carefully and used resilience to make our contributions. I bet you agree they look beautiful. Imagine how amazing they will look when all schools […]

5/6H Olympic Art and DT

The last couple of weeks, 5/6H have been producing some different pieces of artwork and design technology learning. They have focused on Olympic posters for painting and Olympic kits to design. The children tried really hard with the learning they produced.

Will it be bronze, silver or gold in Y1/2B? ๐Ÿ…

As part of our DT project, we designed, made and evaluated our own Olympic medals in Y1/2B. We decided our medals must have the Olympic rings and the goddess of victory, Nike. They should be shiny and durable. They could have a ribbon attached, to wear around the neck.ย ๐Ÿ…

London Buses!

This half term the children have worked incredibly hard to research, plan, design, make and evaluate their own London Bus with moving wheels. The resilience, problem solving and teamwork these children have shown has been amazing and is reflected in the excellent outcomes they produced.

6H DT and Maths Pulleys

Today as part of Design Technology and Maths, 6H designed and created pulleys which acted as flagpoles to raise flags. We discussed how a flagpole is used at the Olympics which we are participating in this week. Everyone worked well together to complete the problem solving challenges.  

6H DT Smoothie making

As part of our learning about healthy bodies and design technology, we created our smoothies which we designed. We then evaluated the taste to see which were good products. IMG_7817

6H DT Food tasting

This week we have been researching foods for healthy smoothies so that we can use them for leaving events later in the year. The testing was for flavour combinations and looking at the health benefits of the fruit so that we can then design smoothies and test out how they taste.  

DT/Science: 6B taste test and research the health benefits of fruit for our smoothies.

Today 6B has tried a wide range of fruit, taking notice of the tastes, textures and combinations of flavours. Children carefully considered which fruits would work best in smoothies and started to plan a new product. They then researched the health benefits for their chosen fruits as our topic is all about me and our […]

1/2P and 1S: Food Tasting for DT

In our DT lesson this week, the children explored and evaluated a range of vegetables in preparation for soup making. We tried a variety of raw and cooked vegetables, letting our senses help us with our evaluations. Using cocktail sticks to handle each item of food, we considered the smells, textures and flavours. We rated […]