Remembrance Day

The first Remembrance day was held a year after the first world war, it was to commemorate the agreement that was signed which ended WW1 after years of fighting by 32 different countries. The agreement called Armistice was signed on the 11th day of the 11th month at 11am So from that first year, we […]

Outdoor learning in 4D

The children have been out investigating the outdoors to find out the best place for their bug hotel. The children are going to go back in two weeks to find out if their are any bugs inside their hotel. Some children have used colours to see if this attracts the bugs. Others have used a […]

Diwali Cards F1

This week in F1 we have been celebrating Diwali. The children have made beautiful cards using printing and practised tracing their name inside.  

Diwali and Bonfire night in REY๐ŸŽ†

Last week we celebrated the festival Diwali and bonfire night, we had lots of activities in setting linked to both events. We read all about Diwali and what it means and the different ways it is celebrated. We have looked at bonfire/firework safety and keeping safe. The children have been decorating their own Henna hands, […]

Year 3 Hockey

This half term Year 3 are going to be learning hockey skills on PE. We started last week with a push pass and ball control skills.

Special Mentions Assembly

This week we celebrated all of our learners achievements. We have so many children who are moving to the next planet on their maths passport challenge and I know our children love being challenged. We have had colour mixing, map work and some fabulous rollercoasters in science. It has been such a wonderful week and […]

F1 Room on the Broom Maths

The children in F1 have been practising their counting skills linked with the Room on the Broom story. They counted how many characters were on the broomstick and matched it with the number symbol. They were brilliant at working in pairs and finding how many altogether.

Room on the Broom ICT F1

The children in F1 have been reading the story Room on the Broom. They used a paint program on the I Pads to create a witch picture. The children practised changing the colour of the paint brush and using their finger to make marks on the page.