RE in 3WB – code for living.

In 3WB as part of our RE lessons we have been thinking about codes for living and exploring ‘being kind’. We discussed the difference between codes for living coming from our heads and our hearts. We recorded our ideas on a giant body who we named Kindness Keith. In our classroom we have a jar […]

5/6H Music

This morning, 5/6H really enjoyed the performance by Rotherham Music Service of the Bollywood band. We were impressed with the type of music and tunes played by the brass band!

6B Geography location skills

Today, children have used atlasโ€™s and online maps to locate specific places in the world. We were particularly looking at identifying the allied and axis forces during WW2 and seeing where each power existed during this period.ย   

6B Sketching Skills

This week we have been using our pencil skills to sketch half of the face and body of a soldier. Children have made a good start to their line work and have started to think about how they can show light and dark.

Congratulations to our amazing Winners this week.

During special mentions we celebrated some wonderful successes. Starting with Miss Smith Who has passed her examination for her Early Years Course. We also celebrated Leighton who won best behaviour on the playground award and Kody who only started this week winning the Head Teachers Award for his incredible artwork. We have seen some outstanding […]