Y5P – Cultural Reading

In Guided Reading, Y5 have focused on Black History Month and have learned about some of the most important black figures in our history. This week, we have read about Rosa Parks, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr.

6B – #NationalPoetryDay

Today we have been appreciating poetry looking at a range of narrative poems around our key person in history, Grace Darling. Children were able to express their likes and dislikes about the anthology presented and give reasons for their choices. We then added in a drama frieze focussing on the famous painting ‘The Wreck of […]

#NationalPoetryDay in REY

Our children in REY love singing nursery rhymes and familiar songs on a daily basis. Today we celebrated national poetry day by choosing our favourite songs and we spoke about the rhyming words we could hear. Our favourite was ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’. We used the hand puppets to bring the rhymes to life, afterwards our […]

F1 participates in National Poetry Day!

In F1, we have practised an autumnal poem about hedgehogs! Together, we even came up with some actions! This is our poem: I’m a little hedgehog, Brown and small, Very prickly, Not that tall. When I’m feeling frightened, Away I crawl, And curl up into a ball! Well done, F1. You were very resilient and […]

F1 Celebrates Black History Month through Art

In F1, we have been looking at the works of artist Charles Gaines. We have loved looking at his artwork and discussing the colours he uses to make them bright and beautiful. We even noticed that Charles uses numbers in his art! We have put our own spin on his artwork by creating a tree […]

6B – P4C

Today we started our discussion in response to a film that we watched about how the world had a new beginning after the Corona Virus. Children formulated a few questions in small groups and then we came up with a short list of excellent questions together that we could debate as a class. Finally, we […]

Ink skills 4D

The children have been focusing on their ink skills. They have learnt about different patterns to create texture and tone. Here are some of our leave designs linked to the rainforest.


Today we have been learning about Carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and what types of foods that they eat , we completed a venn diagram to show the animal groups and then Created a food plate to show what foods each group would eat .