Art – watercolour skills in 6B

Today, 6B have been learning new watercolour skills in order to create a skills card for any watercolour work that we complete this school year. Children were surprised to know that a ‘dirty palette’ is a good palette because of the broad range of colours that could be created. We will be laminating these cards […]

Y4 Visit the LEAF Centre

On our first day of Transition Y4D visited the LEAF Centre. The children had lots of questions to ask and the children could see some huge developments since the last time they visited.

Fairy Friday in Foundation.

In Foundation 2 the magical certainly happened today at the Fairy Party. The children enjoyed every second. This term they found a fairy door which had appeared in their classroom. The children received letters from the fairies and wrote back. It was so exciting to see their smiles today.  

F1 Dig for Victory.

During continuous provision our Foundation 1 children were exploring the outdoors. Mrs Sweeney was very excited to talk about their learning with the children. They said they were trying to escape and dig a tunnel. The children asked for a team work dojo for working so well together. We just love our children they make […]

Year 6 Willow Tree Olympics

What a fantastic sporting event we have had. Our Willow Tree Olympics was underway and all children were actively involved in all events. After resilience, determination and team work our Rockingham A Team came in first place successfully achieving 246 points collectively. Congratulations to al children across Willow Tree for giving it your all.