Rosie the chick!

Our F2 children have enjoyed meeting and caring for Rosie the chick this week, it has been so exciting watching her grow and move around the classroom. We’ve made her a castle house and decorated the area she will live in!

Boats PE games in F2

In our pe lesson this week the children practised pairs and team games playing boats. The children had to find different coloured boats in the hall and make sure their team mates got into the boat too!

Showing @AbbeyLearning around our school – @nemesis_edu

Our children have created a wonderful video to share with our friends at Abbey School, it has been so lovely to make connections and complete a NEMESIS project together. The children in both schools have made new friendships, learnt new skills and grown in confidence.  

Leaf Centre Visit F1

The children were very excited to visit the Leaf centre site and watched the workmen moving the materials with the crane. They even gave us a demonstration of how the crane worked.  

Mental Health Awareness Week F1

This week F1 have taken part in lots of different activities to support there mental health and well-being. We took part in quiet and calm independent reading sessions, we explored our senses when making gingerbread play dough and had lots of fun in a squiggle session.

Celebrating our @nemesis_edu project with @AbbeyLearning

Our children have thoroughly enjoyed working with Abbey School, they have been working together throughout this year and met weekly to discuss their project based on what shopping will look like in the future. This week they shared their 3D projects based on the shops they have designed. We were so surprised that the children […]

6H ICT Stop Motion Animation

Using the journey of bloody around the heart, 6H completed some short stop motion animations of the journey. The clips will be used to make videos of how blood travels around the heart by adding voiceovers.  

Eye witness interviews are big news in 2WB 👀

As part of our topic learning about The Great Fire of London, the children used their interviewing techniques to make a news report video. After carefully thinking about suitable witnesses and questions to ask, they worked as a team to record each other as roving reporters. Here are a couple of examples: Children’s news reporting […]

Maths – positional language.

This week linked to our book of the week Goldilocks and the three bears 🐻. We are been looking at following simple instructions – positional language . The children have placed baby bear in a number of different places in relation to his bowl .  The children have shown great listening and understanding skills in […]

Letters and sounds .

This week some of our children have been looking at phase 1 letters and sounds aspect 4 rhythm and rhyme . The children have been identifying picture card clues and matching them to objects and sounds that rhyme . We have also looked at phase 1 aspect 3 body percussion following a rhythm and beat […]

Mental Health Awareness Week

We spent time outdoors today, feeling calm and relaxed. We really concentrated on 5 things we noticed, 4 things we could touch, 3 things we could hear, 2 things we could smell and 1 thing we could taste. We enjoyed sharing our experiences and ideas.

6H French Jobs

This week in French we have been starting to learn the vocabulary for different jobs. We looked at a matching game to help us remember the different terms.