Special Mentions with a History Twist!

This week we celebrated History within our Special mentions. The children across school are learning about a variety of Historical Events that changed the lives of many people. Our KS1 children are learning about he History of London and the Great Fire of London. Our Year 3 children are studying ‘The Victorians’, in Year 4 […]

Mrs Elliott pops in with the Newspaper – Leaf Centre

After cutting the sod our journey in developing our very own Nurture Provision hits the Advertiser. The children are really enjoying being involved in our Nemesis project and making a difference to the local community. Thank you Mrs Elliott for taking the time to bring copies in for our children, what a special keep sake.

The Foggy Foggy Forest F1

This week we read our new story The Foggy Foggy Forest by Nick Sherratt. We have enjoyed exploring our immersive reading area, creating wax pictures of a Forest, learning a new rhyme: 5 Little Fairies and going on a treasure hunt.