Funny Bones F1

We have really enjoyed learning about the role of a doctor and nurse and how they help us when we go to hospital. We found out about X Rays and created our own.

Special Mentions Assembly

A wonderful celebration assembly this week sharing some outstanding learning. We have really enjoyed our reading focus this week and congratulations 4D on winning the Head Teachers Award this week for your enthusiasm and passion for reading. Thank you Mrs Rawson for our beautiful learning environment and winning staff star of the week.

5/6H P4C

This afternoon 5/6H discussed if it was ever right to fight linked to our World War 2 topic. We had a very deep discussion and the children shared their views very clearly.

Literacy – Shreks swamp.

Today 1M went for a walk to our pond area to search for clues and adjectives to describe what Shrek’s swamp might look like . We didn’t see Shrek unfortunately but we found lots of clues, pictures and adjectives to describe his swamp. We write down the different words on a whiteboard and then went […]