1/2P’s Friday Fun Outdoor Learning

1/2P have been enjoying utilising the Ks1 outdoor area for learning. We have done lots of brilliant learning outside, all whilst having lots of fun!

Look at our amazing learning!

This week, we have used our area for Phonics, Literacy and Numeracy learning.

For Literacy, we looked at word classes and concentrated on nouns. We thought about what we could see around us, and used our phonics skills to help us to list people, places and objects on our whiteboards.

We also had an exciting word hunt! There were lots of phase 4 words hidden all around the outside area, and in pairs we had to find and list the words in the correct category. Some of the words were hidden in very silly places like on trees and behind the planting beds! We then thought of our own words using the same sounds.

For Numeracy, we used one of our favourite things from the outside area- the stepping logs! Whilst being careful to balance, we counted in twos along the logs!

We represented numbers on the tuff tray by putting the correct amount of conkers into cups.

We continued to look at place value and matched numbers, words and pictures of dienes to show our amounts.

We also practised our number and letter formation by using chalk on the tarmac.

Well done 1/2P, you used our outside area extremely sensibly and did some fantastic learning. We think you are amazing learners!

Post Author: Rockingham