Y4H Diversity and Respect

In Y4H this afternoon we have been learning about respect, diversity and understanding the similarities and differences between each other. We started our discussion with the word love and what that means the children discussed a range of ideas such as –




Belongings and caring for each other,

We watched a short video  Love has no labels   and asked the children to discuss in pairs what their thoughts and feelings were. The children were fabulous and discussed that love has no boundaries, age, religion, gender or disability. They said that it is possible to love anyone and have a strong friendship, bond or connection with another human being.

We asked the children to talk about who they love and why, the children came up with some fabulous responses –

Charlie said ‘ I love my sister, she always gives me a hug after school’

Jayden – ‘ I love my mum because she is always there for me’

Amelia ‘ I love my pets because they are cute,

Eve – I love chocolate because it is delicious’

We talked about families coming in different shapes, sizes and forms and many children discussed their families and shared stories thinking about having step parents, being adopted, having people who have same sex relationships in their family and some children talked about their granddads having dentures. We have had a wonderful afternoon and really developed strong relationships across the class and the children have a better understanding of each other.



Post Author: Rockingham