Y3/4P NEMESIS Project – #high5tohelphomelessness #rockingouthomelessness @safeatlast @nemesis_edu

Members of Y3/4P are promoting and taking part in a fundraiser event on the week commencing 25th May 2020 to raise awareness, money and collect donations for the homelessness in our area. We have decided it would be best to give the public and our community an option on how they help raise money for the homelessness. The following options are:

Sleep out – Sleep somewhere in your home other than your bed. You could put a tent up in your garden, sleep on your sofa, sleep on the kitchen floor, it could be anywhere to help understand the difficulties of being homeless.
Sponsored walk in Fancy Dress – Walk however long you want to walk in fancy dress to help promote the awareness of Homelessness in your community.
Climb a mountain – Climb SNOWDONIA or BEN NEVIS at home by walking the equivalent amount of steps in your garden, up the stairs or even on your daily exercise route. Share the steps between family and friends and help raise money and awareness of homelessness in our community.
Obstacle Course – Build an obstacle course in your garden and raise money and awareness of homelessness in our community.

We will be setting up a Justgiving page for Safe@Last and all money and donations will be going to this charity. We will also accept other donations which Safe@Last will request and will be collected from school.


Post Author: Rockingham