How Rockingham supports your children.

Internet Cafe Launched

Today Enterprise club have started to open the Internet Cafe are which we have developed over summer. The children will be selling toast and smoothies at break times, we will also be looking at other healthy snacks such as raisins and fruit. On the playground lots of children had healthy snacks and beaming smiles before continuing their learning back in the classroom. We are really excited about using our Internet Cafe as a hub for children to read at break times, using Active Learn or just to enjoy a good book. Mr Buttree will be launching this very soon.


Healthy Lunchbox – Information for parents

On Friday we launched our Healthy Lunchbox campaign again to encourage our children to make healthy choices for lunch. This is in line with our daily mile and high profile sports and fitness within the curriculum. We work closely with the School Meals service to ensure there is a balanced diet on the menu and this is something we will continue to work towards. The weekly menu is full of nutritious food substituting sugars for sweeteners and making sure that daily they have the healthy foods they need. Thank you for your support, we hope that you begin to see the benefits in your child’s fitness and health.

Lunchbox Leaflet for parents.












Our children today have shown excellent resilience completing their bikeability course in the rain. They are really enjoying developing their skills on the playground before moving out of the school grounds. Well done everyone we are all really proud.


Our New Buddy System!

Today we started our new buddy system with our older children being paired with one of our new Year 3s. The children will support one another to develop socially and build relationships with one another. Here they are completing the Daily Mile together for the first time! Smiles all round!


Celebration Breakfasts

A huge congratulations to Miss Darby’s class on winning the attendance breakfast this term. We are so proud of you as I know that this has been a challenge this year and every week you have tried to hard to get all your class into school. You have all done so well congratulations. I know that you will all work extra hard next year!

Race for Life!

Today we held our Race for Life event for the second year running, a huge thank you to Miss Tyzack for organising such as wonderful event and to our parents, children and staff who have made donations. The children have been busy running in their new classes and many of our children have ran with their siblings. Thank you to the parents who came to watch and who joined in. We hope you have all had a wonderful day.

Family night in!

Thank you so much to our wonderful parents who joined us for a game of bingo and a quiz to meet and greet our new teaching staff. It was a lovely atmosphere and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I hope you agree that the enterprise children were incredible and did a fabulous job at hosting the evening. Thank you to our Governors for attending and speaking to our parents.


RABA Gold Award…

We are so proud to announce that Rockingham Junior and Infant School have achieved the RABA Gold for the work we have completed this year on Diversity and Anti Bullying. Thank you MrsFJ for all the work you have done in school this year and the support you have given us! We are so excited for the celebration event in November. @MrsFJ70 

Please click the link below ….

RABA GOLD 2019 (1)

Diversity Production by Year 1 –

Year 1 Diversity Production

Diversity Week

This week is Diversity week at Rockingham, we have been incredibly lucky to have Ann Foxley Johnson in school teaching the children about what it is like to be different and exploring stereotypes. The children and staff came dressed in clothing to show their personality or to represent a hobby/interest or tell others who they are. You can see from the beautiful pictures that we challenged lots of ideas and opinions in a constructive way. Thank you Ann, it is always a pleasure to have you in school and we couldn’t do it without your support.

The Big Pedal

Encouraging children to stay healthy and travel to school without the use of a car, can you complete the challenge?


Support for parents – POWER

We have received some wonderful information from the Rotherham Safeguarding team to support children and families with safer internet choices. Please have a look and view the contents to support your child at home to make informed choices. https://www.rotherhampower.co.uk/


Children’s Anti Bullying Policy created by the Anti Bullying Ambassadors and the School Council, highlighting strategies and the support network available. Well done everyone we are really proud of the work you have done.



Internet Legends Assembly 

What an incredible morning, thank you so much to Jez and Paulette for sharing a very clear message with our children.






Remember know what is OK to share on the internet, spot rules for what is real, fake, misleading or a scam. Learn how to keep information secure and create strong passwords, be kind online and respect others privacy and ask for help, be brave!


Teaching Respect – 2J

Well done 2J, a wonderful collage. Working together to build respect for each others and the school.


Conflict Resolution

Another fabulous day with Mrs FJ, thank you so much for the excellent family learning sessions. I know the parents and children got so much from it and felt that we are addressing many issues around Anti Bullying. The children also enjoyed the sessions on conflict and resolution. Thinking about how they could resolve issues with friendships. Mrs FJ used drama and role play as a technique with our older children and addressed the issues through a story with our younger children. We love having you at Rockingham and we know the children do too.

Here is a copy of the story we will be sharing with you children,


Peer Mediators

We have had our first peer mediator meeting of the term, the children were so excited about building on their work from last year, the rota for the playground is now in place and the children have a role in school in supporting children at playtime and lunch time. We are now teaching the children some play ground games that encourage positive play. Here are their friendly faces, we  have 22 children across both KS1 and KS2. The children will also support with mediation between friendship groups and encourage one another to accept differences and respect one another.

Here is their rota so you know who will be on duty each day –


On the 12th of November we were invited to New York Stadium where we received the Silver Anti-Bullying Award, we are so proud of are achievements and are looking forward to achieving gold next year. Well done everyone.


Stand up to Bullying 13th of June 2018 – Stand up to bullying

We hope you will support us in our campaign against bullying, we would love your children to come to school dressed in brightly coloured clothing to showcase their individual style and stand up to the fight against bullying.


Meet the Anti Bullying Team

Here are our Peer Supporters ready for a action,

Rockingham Buddy Team

Be there

Promote Kindness

Be Active

Include Everyone

Encourage positive Vibes

Anti Bullying CPD

All our staff are now trained in ‘Developing effective anti-bullying practice’ The training has been split into a variety of modules, parents can also access the website for further support which is a FREE resource at the www.anti-bullyingalliance.org.uk/onlinetraining

Internet Safety 

Free guide for parents by retweeting our guide here: https://twitter.com/natonlinesafety/status/988785543851933696
You can also download the guide here http://bit.ly/2K6T4NL and can repost it on your other social media channels. Here is a link to the online safety website for more information. https://nationalonlinesafety.com.

Road Safety at Rockingham

As a school, we offer our children road awareness training with the support of the local PCSO’s and the Wingfield Ward Councillors. Our Deputy Mayor attended our first event of the year and we are proud to raise awareness of the dangers on Roughwood Road, remember it is a 3o zone! Help to keep our children safe.

As a school, we promote friendship and we want all children to enjoy coming to school. This term we are working very closely with Ann Foxley-Johnson who is an Anti Bullying consultant and works with schools nationwide. As a school, we are holding workshops for children, staff, parents and our governors based on some of the issues that are happening at the moment. We are covering topics such as –

  • What is Bullying
  • Impact of Words
  • Delivering Peer Supporter training

Downloadable on the right of this page is a guidance leaflet for parents, we will be delivering a workshop for parents on Tuesday the 10th of April at 3:30 pm. We really hope to see lots of you there to support your child and school in improving the wellbeing of Rockingham children.

NSPCC in school support 

Speak out. Stay safe.

Our programme (formerly Childline Schools Service) teaches primary school children to speak out and stay safe from abuse.

The children have been working hard to raise money for the NSPCC to support other children and families, we also have advice for parents if you have any concerns.  Please continue to support the school in raising awareness.

Image result for nspcc

Support Downloads

Here is a range of supporting information/documents to support you and your child with any issues and concerns regarding bullying and Mental Health, please feel free to browse and explore.

Early Learning Activities to support your child’s development – https://hungrylittleminds.campaign.gov.uk/

Mental Health advice and support – https://www.mentallyhealthyschools.org.uk/whats-mental-health/

Support with internet Safety – Internet Legends

Children’s Bullying policy January 2019 – Anti Bullying Policy

Expert guide to helping children with Anxiety

Anti-Bullying Policy updated 2018 Academy

Parent Carer AB Guidance Leaflet