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What is NEMESIS?

The NEMESIS program is designed to develop Social Innovation skills amongst children, the program is a European Commission research project and stands for ‘Novel Educational Model Enabling Social Innovation Skills.’ We are wanting our children at Rockingham to help shape and have a vision for a better world through highlighting and finding solutions to problems in our local community. On Wednesday the 9th of January we held our first meeting, we were very fortunate to have our Ward Councillor Mr Robert Elliott and Nicola Antcliff from RMBC  and our PCSO’s Paul Newman and Helen Brooks joining us. Reverend Diane Etchell from St Mary’s Church and Scott Foster from Wingfield were also present along with staff, parents and children from Rockingham Junior and Infant School. At the meeting we made the decision to name our project ‘525’ which is the current address for the caretakers house. As a team we are wanting to turn the house into a provision for our children with SEMH difficulties or some of our most vulnerable children as a nurture base. We are currently discussing ideas about how the provision can best be used, the children came up with some fabulous ideas and discussed using the site as a youth club after school, run a food bank and hold parenting classes there. We are open to ideas. The children are wanting to reduce crime, vandalism and have a place where children can go and feel safe. We are trying to address the 2030 sustainable goals – 


We will be supported through an architect Ben Liddle who will work alongside the children in designing the layout of the building and how it may be used. We are really excited about this amazing opportunity and know what a difference it will make to the lives, behaviour and education of not only our children but it will also benefit people in our community. We are looking for parents, members of the community to get involved, if you feel you have something to offer or know of anyone who can support this project please contact school and get in touch we would love to hear your ideas and work with you. Our next meeting will be held at school next week, if you would like to attend please contact Mrs Greenwood at school.

Find out more at – https://nemesis-edu.eu/ 

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