Thank you Mr Staveley

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jim Staveley for all his hard work this weekend on renovating the pond area, the children and staff are so lucky to have you. It now looks incredible and is a user friendly space for children. This is now the perfect opportunity for learning to take place and for children to look at the wonderful wildlife we have in our pond area.  Jim spent a long day on Saturday at school organising the pond and Wildlife area. There are hundreds of frogs and quite a few field voles…this is definitely a wildlife Haven! He has removed a lot of overgrowth in the pond and topped the water level up to a healthy level. He strimmed and raked off all the grass/weeds growing on the pond path and dipping edge and I’ve sprayed it with herbicide to kill the remaining vegetation there…hence the green marker dye shown on the photo. There are a few areas unstrimmed where there was some remaining wild flower interest and to serve a sanctuary for small mammals and amphibians. The native hedge growing around the pond has been pruned to a manageable size… was out of control and shading the pond. He has also coppiced the hazel hedge which will grow back next spring; this opens the area up a bit more. They have strimmed and raked off the grass area around the back of the pond and cut back some of the blackthorn that was encroaching. The blackthorn and other shrubby material removed has been stacked to form a habitat pile and topped with vegetation that was cut and raked up. In time this material will decompose but will create further habitat opportunities for wildlife. We can’t thank you enough!

Post Author: Rockingham