Thank you for your support, Covid-19

Dear Parent

School will close today at 3:30pm. The reason for the school closure is to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID19.
I know you will all be very concerned for your family’s health at this very difficult time and to help you we have worked hard to ensure we can support your child over the next few weeks.. Plans are in place for children to learn every day and to engage with their teacher.
Home Learning packs are at reception and should be picked up please – if you are self-isolating we will deliver to you.
We are conscious of the impact of school closure on family health also – remember this does not mean self-isolation for you and your family, this will be your decision based on your own situation. For your own well-being please use the 5 ways to well-being as your guide;

We will connect with you daily – please encourage your child to engage in the daily learning activities. This will help you too. Please discourage overuse of xbox and unlimited use of social media – this is damaging to both physical and mental well-being.
Be Active
Try to get some fresh air if you can – do activities in your garden such as treasure hunts – play games, dance and enjoy each others’ company.
Keep Learning
We will ensure learning is available to your child – if you can’t access through the internet we will make sure new packs come out to you every two weeks.
Take Notice
Talk to people around you, help those who are struggling by sending letters and texts – notice Spring arriving and with it the weather conditions we need for this awful virus to be stamped out.
Where you are fit and healthy, offer to help the elderly with shopping, ‘give’ in other ways within your family such as Spring cleaning, decorating – maintain social distancing as much as possible though and keeping safe.

Critical Workers
In relation to whether parents are classed as critical key workers. We cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your children at home if you are able to arrange your own childcare. In order to ensure social distancing the school is following government guidance to provide EMERGENCY childcare for up to 10% of the school’s population. Please follow the link for more information.

Closure of educational settings: information for parents and carers

We wish you and your family well in the coming weeks, we will update you regularly please do the same through Class Dojo.

I would like to commend our wonderful teams across all our schools for doing such an amazing job to ensure the best for your children. They really have been awesome and I know will be there for your children and family.

Jane Fearnley CEO/ Executive Head Teacher Tony Trueman Chair of the Trust Board Head of School

Post Author: Rockingham