Click on the links below to view and download each policy. If you would prefer to read a paper copy of a policy, please contact the school office.

WTA Curriculum Policy 2019

RJI Safeguarding policy 2019-20

Inclusion_ SEND policy 2020-21

Equality Policy 2020-21

Positive Behaviour Policy

Home Time Procedures

Anti-Bullying Policy updated 2018 Academy

Willow Tree Academy exclusion policy

Charging_and Remissions Policy_2018 JKF

GDPR Privacy Notice for pupils and their families

GDPR Data Protection Policy

Medicine Guidance policy

CurriculumAccess plan

Complaints Procedure RJI

Parent/Carer Code of Conduct 2018

Attendance and punctuality policy Jan 2019

Invacuation/Evacuation Policy 2018

Policy on Science 2019

ICT and E-Safety Policy 2019

Active Travel Policy