New Year’s Resolutions that we can’t break. @moses_brian

Class 6B – Rockingham J and I school

We will never make a resolution that we cannot keep.


I will always accept a Sunday dinner.

I will never get to the end of a rainbow.

I will always find my word in a dictionary.

I will never feed monkeys sweets before their bedtime.

I will always love myself.

I will never throw plastic into the ocean.

I will always secretly love my sister.

I will always admire a work of art.

I will always keep a promise.

I will always follow my heart.

I will always have my own opinion.

I will never fly to space on a rocking horse.

I will always say goodnight to the invisible monster in my attic.

I will definitely still try my best in school.

I will always follow my dreams.

I will always respect my elders.

I will always hate silence.

I will always enjoy a rollercoaster.

I will never go to Antarctica, in my swimming trunks.

I will always draw random things.

I will always make mistakes.

I will not stop talking.

I will never bow down to villains.

I will always hate sprouts and that is that. Ok!

I will never stop performing concerts with my shampoo bottles when I’m in the shower.

I will never put a single hole in my tights.

I will never travel around the world in a day.

I will always remember my favourite holiday.

I will never use a plastic straw ever again!

I will never walk on water.

I will never change the weather.

I will never swim in the Bermuda Triangle

I will never hate my mums cooking.

I will never make a New Year’s Resolution again.

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