NEMESIS Y3M Eco-Council

Our Year 3 children and Mrs Marlow had a wonderful NEMESIS meeting with Abi Cox who works across Yorkshire looking at Recycling and Waste. She explained clearly how waste is being effected during Covid – 19 and that you can no longer take plastic and cardboard to the tip even though they have reopened. This is to stop lots of people visiting and spreading the virus further. If you have any of those items you must clean them out and store them at home as they don’t smell and can be made smaller to enable you to keep them at home.

Y3M explained their journey and have they have been learning about the rain forest and deforestation by making flapjacks in school without using palm oil. They then had the opportunity to plan trees on Fenton road and work with the local Council to improve our local area. We have also now got lots of trees we plan to plant in our school grounds hopefully in the not too distant future. We asked Abi for some more ideas on how we can develop this project further.

I explained to the children that in school we are looking at developing our school grounds and looking into being a forest school, I explained to the children the different ideas we had for making our school a better place. The children came up with some excellent ideas of how we could recycle paper and use this on a compost heap by shredding the paper and putting this with our natural materials such as fruit and vegetables. This will then attract lots of mini beasts which we can study in science. We talked about becoming an Eco school and how 3M can work towards this by putting all their lovely ideas to the test. Eco Schools Home Page

We talked about instead of printing things off we should use a paperclip or staple so that we can still use that piece of paper instead of gluing things in, making sure taps are off, computers and lights around school. We have discussed storing rain water rather than getting the hosepipe out and watering the plants.

The children have said they are going to start doing some of these things at home. Mrs Marlow and her class are going to make posters and a video to encourage other children and families to get involved.

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