NEMESIS Social Innovation while Social Distancing Y5

Today we held our first online meeting with John Capper from Oakworth Homes, Robert Elliott our local Councillor, Jen Wall from SEI and our Teachers and children. It was lovely to have everyone together online to discuss the ways forward for Project 525, The LEAF Center.Mrs Fearnley so proud of the children and parents for getting involved and discussing how we can move the project forward.

We discussed the next process and how we are waiting for the services to be cut off to allow the demolition to take place, we are hopeful that this will happen before we return to school in September.

John explained how his business runs and the organisation of his employees within the company, from the Estimation Team, Administration, Design manager, Software team right up to the Manufacturing team. The company produce the timber and steel fabrication for many homes and buildings that have been designed similar to the homes you will see on Grand Designs. Please look carefully at John’s website to learn more.

Oakworth Homes

We discussed where the Timber comes from and how it is treated to build the structure, there is so much learning the children can do starting with where the wood comes from, how is it transported and treated to create buildings, structures. The timber that is used is CLS Canadian lumber spruce, the colder the climate the better the wood.

We are hoping to visit Oakworth homes during the term to find out more, lets get researching Year 5.

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