NEMESIS – Making the Video for Wingfield

This week the Year 6 children and Jayden have worked together to make a video for Wingfield students on their thoughts and fears when visiting the local shops. Our children have expressed concerns that when they visit the shop outside Wingfield they often feel quite intimidated and frightened as they find it hard to get inside the shop. Many of the teenagers who visit the shops often sit on the steps leading to the shop which often means that our children have to try and get past them which can be quite frightening. Our children have also said that they feel the elderly generation often feel like this. We are so excited to be working with Wingfield on this project and can’t wait to get our video ready to share this with you. I know Mrs Wootton Ashforth has assured our children that the older students just use this as a place to meet their friends and that 99% of the children at Wingfield are friendly and would be respectful to our young children.


Post Author: Rockingham