NEMESIS Co-Creation Lab 3

Another successful meeting held yesterday with our children, parents and partners. A huge thank you to Ben Liddle for your support and guidance in creating designs for our project. The plans and designs far out weighed our expectations. We discussed a range of possibilities and everyone contributed to how the site could be used including the layout and the use of the rooms. Following our meeting we discussed a topic that had been brought up by the children around feeling safe when going to local shop before and after school. The children said they feel worried when going to the shop as it is often full of teenagers outside in groups. One of our year 6 children said that they feel worried or intimidated. We were very fortunate to have our local PCSOs at the meeting and Mrs Wootton Ashforth Designated Safeguarding Lead at Wingfield explained that the children use the shop as a meeting place as they have no where else to go and that the majority of pupils at Wingfield are wonderful children. At the next meeting children from years 9, 10 and 11 will be joining us to allow the children to work together and build a connection and work towards a positive transition for our pupils. The NEMESIS model has given the children, staff and partners real opportunities to collaborate giving the children a voice. Our next meeting will be held on Thursday the 28th at 1:30pm if you would like to attend please feel free to contact school and express your interest.

Post Author: Rockingham