In Partnership with Tanghu Elementary School, Chengdu.

A wonderful message from our friends in Chengdu,
How’s everything going on? It’s been quite a while since our last visit to the schools in Willow Tree Academy. It was a successful visit and all our children and teachers learned a lot while staying with you. Please allow me to show our gratitude to your hospitality and warm reception.
To build a strong partnership between our two schools,  I’ve been pondering possible ways for further cooperation and communication. And I’ve also been keeping a close eye on your school activities on twitter. You are doing a great job on educating the children. Since the wide and fast spread of the pandemic Covid-19, our children have stay at home for around two months. Thank goodness , the situation is improving. We are doing all the preparation for the opening of the term. And I think it won’t be long. And I noticed that there are increasing cases in the UK and your school is closed under the UK government instruction. My personal suggestion is wearing a mask whenever you go out and wash hands constantly. Social distancing is also important. I think the British people can manage through the crisis.
While we self-isolated at our homes, my school did a session of curriculum on coronavirus and how to prevent it. Our children did a lot of wonderful posters and readings in English. I would like to share the links of them form Year 1 to Year 6. I hope your teachers and students would enjoy them.
Year1 posters  and readings
Year2 posters  and readings
Year3  posters  and readings
Year4  posters  and readings
Year5 posters  and readings
Year6 posters  and readings
I will be in touch with you when we start our school. And hopefully we can cooperate on interested topics online and work out something.
Take care!
Best wishes
Tanghu Elemenary School. Chengdu.

Post Author: Rockingham