Get your Dancing Shoes on to earn certificates!

Balbir Singh are delighted to announce their online learning platform for children across the UK. BSDC For Schools encompasses a series of online dance tutorials via our Youtube channel and social media interactions with families as we discover and learn dances from all over the world.

Our team of dedicated dance artists is preparing a series of online resources, dance tutorials and games to bring classical Indian dance, ballet, and other dance styles to the comfort or chaos of your living room. Our first series of videos on BSDC For Schools will cover 3 different challenges.

Challenge 1 is all about learning a dance routine with our dancers. We are covering Ballet, Kathak, Haka, Kabuki and Hawaiian dances. Short videos with step by step instructions, perfect for anyone curious about movement. Think Joe Wicks for dance.

Challenge 2 is all about research and analysis. Students are invited to dive into a fact-finding mission on the culture and heritage behind these dances:

  1. a) Children can draw and annotate a picture of a traditional dance costume.
  2. b) Design a written fact-file full of exciting information.
  3. c) Write a story inspired by a dancer from that country.

Challenge 3 looks at online learning and sharing in similar styles. We would like the children to share the results of their work with teachers, as well as with our team at BSDC For Schools.

You can share the work with us via email at or simply by using the hashtag #BSDCforschools on your own social media. We are looking forward to seeing the videos and pictures of all the families out there dancing, and we will share as many as possible across our social media. Everyone will receive a certificate upon completion. Tag us on Facebook @balbirsinghdancecompany, twitter at @balbirdance and Instagram @balbirsinghdanceco so we can see and share your work.

Please send any entries to your child’s class teacher to gain your certificates and develop your dance skills further, we can’t wait to see your moves.


Post Author: Rockingham