Foundation Stage

Welcome to Rockingham J&I Foundation Stage.

What will your child learn this term?

Here is the Knowledge Organiser for Rockingham Early Years for Autumn Term 1

KO Autumn Term 2020

Here is the Knowledge Organiser for Foundation 1 for Autumn Term 1

Whole term KO Autumn term 2020

Here is the Knowledge Organiser for Foundation 2 for Autumn Term 1

Knowledge Organiser EYFS F2 Autumn Term 1


Meet the Foundation 1 Team – 

Meet the Foundation 2 Team – 



Click the link below to view our curriculum planning overview for this term.

Summer Term Knowledge Organiser and Topic Web 

REY – 

Foundation One – 

Foundation 2 – 

F1 spring term curriculum letter 2020

EYFS Autumn Curriculum Letter

F1 Autumn term 1 2019

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F1 baking

Family Fridays

Foundation 2 Information for Parents – 

EYFS curriculum letter

EYFS A1&2 curriculum letter 2019DearZoo

EYFS A1&2 curriculum letter 2019Summer

EYFS summer term curriculum letter 2019

Curriculum letter Autumn2019 Foundation 2

Curriculum letter Spring 2020