Family Learning is back with a bang! @Rotherhamcreat2

Family Learning is back with a bang! Calling all parents to take part and share pictures to enable us to collect free books for schools.

Information from @Rotherhamcreat2 our wonderful Rotherham Creative Learning Community

I wanted to inform you that our Family Learning will continue this year as a home learning opportunity. Engaging with parents and communities is very important to us.

Clearly, we are unable to deliver any face to face creative workshops for the foreseeable future. We have thought long and hard about how we can still maintain positive relationships with families and communities, give them creative fun opportunities and help them to support their children’s learning, whilst remaining free from any risks.

I am delighted to let you know that we have developed 6 Creative Communities Challenges. There is 1 challenge per half term and each challenge is targeted at a different year group. I have attached the brochure for you to take a look at our offer. I have also attached the promo for our first challenge, The Great Literacy Challenge, for foundation and year 1. All the challenges are entirely FREE to school and your families. In fact, if you take part and your families submit picture evidence of their work, school will receive a FREE Book bundle of 20 books. You will receive these at the end of each half term, so potentially you could receive up to 120 books for school.

The challenges cover 6 curriculum areas; Literacy, Art and Design, Geography, History, Design and Technology and Science. The challenges will arrive at school as a ‘Challenge Pack’ and will contain all the instructions and resources to complete each activity. There will also be video demonstration tutorials on our website to support understanding.

The only thing we ask for in return is a completed registration/enrollment form from one of the adults in each family. I can work with each school individually to work out how is best to do this. Once we have a completed form then we will issue the Challenge Pack. There is also a feedback postcard inside the pack. If parents can complete them and send them into school, then we can arrange to collect them from you.

Calling Foundation and Year 1 Parents First

Challenge 1 Literacy Bringing Books to life –

Please let us know if you would like to get involved this term, this is for Foundation and Year 1 Parents this term.

Creative Communities 2020-21

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