Conductive music session

Making music through the use of technology, yesterday we were so excited to have the ‘Music Service’ supporting the children’s learning through music and ICT using Quirkbot. The children learnt how to code tiny devices whose lights change, whose arms move, all whilst making their first coded noise. It was not designed to make music, but it can — it just does not know it yet! We made it into a perfect musical instrument. It is all contained in tiny boxes with lots of lovely components which come together as a prototype robotic orchestra.

At the start the session, your students will learn a browser-based free coding platform, which they can use at home, similar to Scratch. They started by programming waves on the built-in lights and observing them. They figured out how to build a lightsaber by attaching extra LEDs and light sensors – but we will want to see it move through a servo motor, which they can control through a slider. Finally, they built some piezo speakers, so they can listen to all these waves and make a collaborative composition.

When they return next week, with the students familiar with the interface and possibilities, we will expand by creating an interactive musical instrument using nothing but the Quirkbot, a servo, some paper and pencils.


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Post Author: Rockingham