Extra Curricular Activities at Rockingham

  • Cooking Club
    Here is our final cooking club for this half term. Thank you Mrs Baum and Mrs Dowell the children have loved it. Sausage rolls yummy! […]
  • Congratulations Mr Purshouse!
    A huge congratulations to Mr Purshouse, all of our children, staff and parents on winning the Active Challenge – Congratulations on winning a prize for your school through the 10 day Active […]
  • Enterprise – Pudsey Biscuits!
    Tonight enterprise club have had a marathon bake off making Pudsey biscuits ready for children in need. They will be on sale tomorrow for 50p we hope you enjoy. Excellent team work. Thank you Mrs […]
  • Roughwood and Rockingham Collaboration over toast!
    Congratulation to Roughwood on your Cafe opening this week, I hope it was a huge success and I know our children really enjoyed coming to support. Good luck and keep sharing the ideas. […]
  • Dedication at its best!
    Here are our children out in the rain rehearsing for the Christmas play, Annie, Jessie, Ava, Phoebe and Lilly are taking their role very seriously. Excellent team work. […]
  • Cooking Club
    Tonight the Children have worked extremely well as a team to cook a beautiful curry which smells delicious. We hope you enjoyed it. […]
  • Cooking Club Week 2
    This week the children have been using a range of ingredients to make wraps, the children worked together as a team to chop all their vegetables and prepare tonight’s meal. Well done! […]
  • Gardening Club.
    Mrs Elliott and Mrs Tunks have been exploring the pond tonight during gardening club, can you see what they have found? […]
  • Creative Conkers!
    This week in Art club we completed our ‘Rainy pictures from last week and then we used our skills to create art using conkers! We created faces, Horse Chestnut trees, spiders and a symmetrical […]
  • Making your own dough!
    Cooking club got off to a flying start, the children have made their own dough and learnt how to bake their own pizzas well done everyone! Mrs Baum and Mrs Dowell are really enjoying having you. […]

Latest available clubs

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After school clubs Summer 2019

Extra Curricular Clubs Spring 2019

Cheerleading club Sept 18

Extra curricular activities Autumn 2018

Extra Curricular Clubs Spring 2018

Here are some photographs from some of our after school clubs, Heart Start, Cooking and Animation. The children are really engaged and motivated in their learning as you can see from their smiley faces.

Extra Curricular Clubs Autumn 2017