Extra Curricular Activities at Rockingham

  • We love working with @RotherhamMusic
    We love working with Rotherham Music Service and have really been enjoying our sessions. We will be sharing their video with all of our classes. Share this:Click to share […]
  • Family Learning is back with a bang! @Rotherhamcreat2
    Family Learning is back with a bang! Calling all parents to take part and share pictures to enable us to collect free books for schools. Information from @Rotherhamcreat2 our wonderful Rotherham […]
  • Distinction School Games Award.
    Today we received conformation of our Distinction Award for our commitment to Sports Provision during what has been a challenging Year. Through our Daily Sporting challenges, Dancing with Mr Hanson […]
  • Year 1 Enjoying their games created by our Y6
    Our Year 6 visited the Ks1 playground this week to draw some new games they could play outdoors. Our Year 1 children loved them. Thank you so much Year 6 for designing some fabulous games.   […]
  • NEMESIS Global Goals – What can you do to help?
    Global Goals 2030, At Rockingham we are trying to ensure we work towards and support the achievement of Global Goals, leaving no one behind. How can you support, here are some videos to get you […]
  • Family learning Projects with the CLC
    Our children in ks2 have had the opportunity to be involved in a wonderful family learning project putting their skills to the test, here they are showing how they are getting on at home, Share […]
  • NEMESIS Y3M Eco-Council
    Our Year 3 children and Mrs Marlow had a wonderful NEMESIS meeting with Abi Cox who works across Yorkshire looking at Recycling and Waste. She explained clearly how waste is being effected during […]
  • Rockingham News Round lets see what has happened this week!
    Here is this weeks Rockingham News Round, your favourite show of the week, we hope you enjoy seeing what everyone has been up to. Share this:Click […]
  • Restorative Practice Reps – The Training is Underway!
    At Rockingham Junior Infant school our children are undertaking Restorative Practice Training. They are completing online courses using Google Classroom to gain a qualification. Here are some […]
  • Art Lesson with Tanghu Elementary School.
    Here is a beautiful video of how you can sketch and draw your very own panda’s, please have a go and share your designs with us it would be lovely to share them with our partner school in […]

Latest available clubs

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After School Clubs Autumn 2020

After school clubs Summer 2019

Extra Curricular Clubs Spring 2019

Cheerleading club Sept 18

Extra curricular activities Autumn 2018

Extra Curricular Clubs Spring 2018

Here are some photographs from some of our after school clubs, Heart Start, Cooking and Animation. The children are really engaged and motivated in their learning as you can see from their smiley faces.

Extra Curricular Clubs Autumn 2017