Together anything is possible – Happy Easter Everyone.

A huge thank you to all of our parents, staff and children, over the last two weeks you have shown commitment, enthusiasm and a really sense of team spirit. I am so proud of you all collectively working together to ensure our children have the best possible experiences and being able to reach their full […]

Our message from Mrs Fearnley

Good Morning Everyone, today I am in school with our key worker children. This is making me a 10 today, I’m so excited to get some fresh air and see some smiley faces. We have done our Joe Wicks workout, guided reading and literacy. We are ready now to go out for playtime. Here is […]

Day 5 with Mrs Fearnley.

A huge thank you to all of our teaching staff, children, parents and Mrs Fearnley for what has been one of the strangest weeks of all of our lives. We have embraced change and most importantly brought a sense of humour which has made us smile and laugh during this difficult time. Thank you for […]

F1 Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

F1 have been looking at ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ this week for children’s mental health week. We have been looking at foods and exercise that can keep our bodies healthy and meditation to keep our minds healthy. The F1 children have shown Bravery in trying new fruits, in the form of smoothies and fruit kebabs at our […]

Feeling Brave in Foundation Two

Children in Foundation Two have been talking about times when they have had to be brave. The children could think of many different situations where they felt nervous but were able to ‘find their brave’. We talked about starting a new school, trying out something new or visiting the doctor or the dentist. We also […]

Dentist Visit

This afternoon we had a very special visitor. We learnt all about our teeth and how to keep them healthy. We learnt that we have 20 teeth in our mouths as children and 32 as adults. We learnt all about plaque, cavities and what happens when a tooth goes bad. We had so much fun. […]

Greentop Circus arrived #10datc

A huge thank you to SCC Active Travel for organising the Green Top Circus to come and support our Active Travel. The children had an incredible morning we had over 70 parents join in for our walk to school and our children thoroughly enjoyed the assembly. Rockingham loves to be active.

Kindness with Mrs FJ

Mrs FJ spoke to the F2 children about kindness and what it means to be kind. The children showed off their dance moves to Mrs FJ’s kindness muscle song. Fantastic listening and learning.