Launch of the Internet Cafe

Today Enterprise club have started to open the Internet Cafe are which we have developed over summer. The children will be selling toast and smoothies at break times, we will also be looking at other healthy snacks such as raisins and fruit. On the playground lots of children had healthy snacks and beaming smiles before […]

Healthy Lunchboxes!

On Friday we launched our Healthy Lunchbox campaign again to encourage our children to make healthy choices for lunch. This is in line with our daily mile and high profile sports and fitness within the curriculum. We work closely with the School Meals service to ensure there is a balanced diet on the menu and […]

What makes a good friend?

This week 6B have been identifying what makes a good friend. Children had to write down what they think makes a good friend. In teams, children decided on the top 9 qualities that make a good friend and wrote each one on a separate post it note. They then ranked these in a diamond 9, […]

Support your child’s Early Development

The Department for Education have launched a new campaign to encourage parents to engage in activities that support their child’s early learning and help set them up for school.  See attached launch toolkit and link below to the Hungry Little Minds website: Hungry Little Minds- Launch Tookit (updated links ) We will be sharing […]

Race for Life 2019

Today we held our Race for Life event for the second year running, a huge thank you to Miss Tyzack for organising such as wonderful event and to our parents, children and staff who have made donations. The children have been busy running in their new classes and many of our children have ran with […]

Y5/6H Oscars Entry

Here is our Y5/6 Oscars entry this year. All of our children have worked extremely hard on their videos and all entries have been incredible.   Please follow and like us:

Quorn cooking

Today we had a guest from Quorn to show us how to make meals using a meat substitute. We discussed what a healthy plate is and had a taste of the wonderful cooking. Please follow and like us:

Ann Foxley Johnson – Diversity

This week is Diversity week at Rockingham, we have been incredibly lucky to have Ann Foxley Johnson in school teaching the children about what it is like to be different and exploring stereotypes. The children and staff came dressed in clothing to show their personality or to represent a hobby/interest or tell others who they […]

Tapestry time with Mrs Slack

Mrs  Slack has been working across school teaching the children a range of textile skills, this term she has been working with Key Stage 1 children to create this beautiful tapestry. We can’t wait to this displayed in school. Please follow and like us:

Wellbeing Week

This week we have been learning about our wellbeing and what this means. We have spent time talking quietly to our friend, while listening to relaxing music, learnt how to give hand massages and even spent a bit of time just sitting, with our own thoughts listening to music. We are making a fantastic job of […]

Knitting with Mrs Slack

Our Year 6 children during our Mindful week are learning how to Knit with Mrs Slack. They have had a wonderful afternoon learning a new skill. Please follow and like us:

Meditation in Y3M

This afternoon 3M have had a wonderful afternoon during our mindful week. The children were involved in meditation before starting their learning. Please follow and like us:

Y4H Diversity and Respect

In Y4H this afternoon we have been learning about respect, diversity and understanding the similarities and differences between each other. We started our discussion with the word love and what that means the children discussed a range of ideas such as – Family Friends Pets Belongings and caring for each other, We watched a short […]