WOSCARS 2020 Here are your winners….

Here is a video which announces the Winners across Willow Tree academy after we celebrated all the wonderful videos that have been produced by our amazing children. Congratulations to all of our winners, we are so proud of you. I have published all the videos that were entered into the Willow Tree Oscars on the […]

Heart rate Investigations Y6

This week Y6 children have been looking at how their heart rates are affected when they exercise. They came up with their own investigations, which included looking at heart rates at rest, during exercise, straight after exercise and again after rest. Next week, we will be using our maths skills to represent our collective data […]

Sharing Lockdown Learning back in school

Josie spent a lot of time in Lockdown creating this amazing Anderson shelter. It has wonderful detail up close, along with circuits to run its own lighting system thinking about her science knowledge last term. She shared this with her Incredibubbles group who were equally wowed by it. Well done 

Our little Butterflies in REY

Today our EYFS children made some beautiful butterfly wings and were busy fluttering around the outdoor area. They explored patterns and symmetry and used a range of materials to create their design. Mrs Greenwood was so excited to come and see them and Mrs Fearnley enjoyed them on FaceTime. The power of technology is wonderful […]