Science Special Mentions

Today we had a wonderful special mentions assembly with a focus on the wonderful science learning produced by our child’s. And parents during the half term holiday in preparation for our Science Fair. We are so proud of all of our learners this week. Well done.

Thank you KS1 Team

Our Ks1 children and staff have done an excellent job of developing their outdoor space. Through their Nemesis project they have contacted a range of local community members to support with donations and the children have completed some incredible designs that were showcased in assembly. They were outside this afternoon enjoying a wonderful numeracy lesson […]

Fizzy Rainbow Science

The children in F1 have recently done some science work linked to reactions. We used baking soda, food colouring and vinegar to create fizzy rainbows. The children loved looking at what happened when the baking soda and vinegar met!

6H Colours of light

6H this week have looked at the colours which make up white light. Using prisms, we created rainbows and looked at the different coloured light. We then recorded this by creating our own videos.

A balance argument Y4/5D

Today Y4/5D have carried out a debate about if animals should go to space. The children had a range of discussion points and carefully thought about their use of openers and conjunctions. We used our P4C skills and scientific knowledge to support our discussion.

Science Fair Home Learning

Over half term the children were asked to produce a piece of science learning linking to animals. These pieces of learning are going to be part of our first Virtual Science Fair. The children were very proud of their learning when they shared it with their classmates. Amazing outcomes 2WB! Well done.

Teachers enjoying the Orienteering Course

This evening the Teachers were out and about completing their learning for the day. We explored our new exciting orienteering course through STEM and the wider Curriculum with Mr Hanson. Thank you for sharing some wonderful ideas. Mr Purshouse and Mrs Marlow enjoyed the virtual learning too. Watch out children, this could be you next.

Enjoy our Harvest Festival.

Today we shared our Harvest Assembly live to our children in school and our children learning at home. What a fabulous first, children were all so excited to see each other and it was evident that all of our learners support each other. They were even discussing their home learning in the chat box. Thank […]

Crucial Crew – Y6 Visit

The children have really enjoyed their visit to Crucial Crew the children have learnt so much from a variety of providers such as First Bus, Magistrates in the Community, St John Ambulance, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership and South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue. The children have explored how to stay safe […]

6H Reflections

Today we have investigated how light reflects from a reflective surface. Using torches and mirrors, the children discovered how the angles of incidence and reflection are the same. We also investigated how a periscope works.