Enjoy our Harvest Festival.

Today we shared our Harvest Assembly live to our children in school and our children learning at home. What a fabulous first, children were all so excited to see each other and it was evident that all of our learners support each other. They were even discussing their home learning in the chat box. Thank […]

6H Drumming session

This afternoon, 6H had a fabulous drumming session with Rotherham Music Service. We learned all about the drums and how they are made which then led to doing different beats and rhythms using the drums. Everyone really enjoyed the session.

6H Poppy Art

Taking inspiration from WW1 and remembrance, 6H produced their own clay tiles and pen and ink poppies. The techniques used and outcomes have been fantastic so far!

Crucial Crew – Y6 Visit

The children have really enjoyed their visit to Crucial Crew the children have learnt so much from a variety of providers such as First Bus, Magistrates in the Community, St John Ambulance, South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership and South Yorkshire Police and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue. The children have explored how to stay safe […]

6H Fractions Orienteering

Today 6H have used orienteering skills of map reading to help them find and then solve Fractions problems. The children showed good resilience skills to solve the problems and some great PE skills when completing the orienteering course. Mrs Greenwood even came to join the fun maths activities taking place! Active Maths is an important […]

6H Reflections

Today we have investigated how light reflects from a reflective surface. Using torches and mirrors, the children discovered how the angles of incidence and reflection are the same. We also investigated how a periscope works.

6H Oracy

Today, 6H used oracy skills to take part in different debates. We are learning about balanced arguments so used our oracy skills to develop reasons for and against subjects. We did discussions in pairs, in quick 30 second bursts and as groups to develop our use of language. There were some fabulous responses from everyone […]

6H Join the Flock

6H created our birds this week for the front of Wentworth Woodhouse. We used words to describe both our learning in school and about lockdown to create our birds.

6H Science

This week we have been looking at the parts of the eye and their functions. Good questions were asked including: Why is the pupil black?; Why are eyes round?; and Why does the lens change shape?

6H Artwork

Here are some of our completed barbed wire artwork images. Everyone has produced an excellent final sketch and have worked hard on their shading skills. There is some great detail in some of the hands and finger images.

6H Hockey

This week we have started doing Hockey skills. Firstly we have focused on dribbling and simple tackling skills. Looking forward to passing and shooting skills in the next couple of weeks!

6H Barbed Wire Art

Taking inspiration from World War 1 battlefields, we used sketching skills to produce images of barbed wire. We will add images to these in future art lessons. The children experimented with tone and shading really well.

6H Reading Area

During guided reading 6H can sit in our reading corner and pretend they are reading in the trenches of WW1. They have learned quickly that it was not comfortable! Keep an eye out for new objects which will be added.  

6H Huge bag of worries

In our P4C session, we discussed what worries we had and how we could solve them. We discussed talking to adults, friends, mindfulness and exercise. We then created our own worry monsters.

6H Chicken duty

This week the children in 6H are in charge of looking after the chickens. They are taking the responsibility really importantly and making sure they are fed and have their water topped up.