Sharing Lockdown Learning back in school

Josie spent a lot of time in Lockdown creating this amazing Anderson shelter. It has wonderful detail up close, along with circuits to run its own lighting system thinking about her science knowledge last term. She shared this with her Incredibubbles group who were equally wowed by it. Well done 

Fractions with Mr Hanson Support for Parents.

Here is our favourite Maths Leader, Dance teacher and Scientist sharing some wonderful videos to support children and families with Fraction calculations. Good Luck Everyone and give them a try. Introduction using Chocolate, Lesson 1 – Finding Equivalent Fractions Lesson 2 – Converting Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers Lesson 3 – Adding and Subtracting Simple […]

Summer Term – Let the Learning Commence

Here is our learning journey this term for your children from REY-Y6, we hope it helps you support your child through their learning. The teachers have worked extremely hard to plan exciting, engaging and practical activities. Good Luck everyone through social distancing we will continue to be the best that we can be and remember […]

Video Calling with 6B

It was lovely to see you all on our video chat today 6B. Thank you for connecting. Can’t wait to do it again. Mrs Greenwood has managed to get into every shot. Have a great weekend everyone. Mrs B

The inside story with Grimm and Co – Wow

We were so fortunate, just like other schools in Willowtree Academy and beyond to be part of the Shine project with Grimm and Co a fabulous project in enhancing the writing of children through real life experiences which brought a whole story to life. Our children had the most phenomenal experience and we can’t thank you […]