Congratulation to @GrimmAndCo

A huge congratulations to Grimm and Co on this incredible news, the children of Rotherham are so lucky to have you and we are so pleased we were able to be a small part of that today. The experiences you give are children are out of this world and we can’t wait to continue this […]

What is in the box? 6B

We had the best time this morning thinking about what was inside the box that we were mysteriously sent. Children had some fantastic ideas. Even when we found out there was nothing in there, we were still excited and tried to search the boxes within boxes for clues. We found symbols. I wonder if this […]

Sumdog results – 6B

Well done everyone we eventually came 2nd in the Sumdog competition. 25 out of 27 children contributed to our efforts so I am really proud of everyone. Massive well done to Noah who is 1st place in Rotherham, Bronte 3rd place, Lacey 4th place and Bjorn 9th place. Superb effort. We also have another 12 […]

P4c in 6B

We have read the book Words and your Heart this week in our P4c sessions and decided to explore the question what makes us, us? Children used a diamond nine to explore this. Really interesting discussion arose around good and poor mental health. We had some extremely mature questions and answers around this area.

Creating freeze frames 6B

Today we are starting our journey through narrative. We are using ‘The Lighthouse’ as our visual literacy to start putting a narrative to the animation. Children have enjoyed creating freeze frames/tableaux of pictures of key scenes in chronological order ready to be used back in class.