Filtering Fun – 6B

Michael is stuck on a desert Island. He needs clean drinking water therefore using the outside environment, 6B have created our own water filters. Whose filter will have the cleanest looking water? We will see after the holidays. Please follow and like us:

Dance like no one is watching!

Here is the video from our Year 6 leavers assembly, we are so proud of them and really hope they all have had a successful first week at Wingfield.     Please follow and like us:

On to their next Adventure!

What an incredible day we have had with our Year 6s, we will miss you so much as you enter into the next stage of your education! Remember you will always be part of the Rockingham family and our doors will always be open if you ever need us. Good luck and enjoy the next […]

Year 6 awards assembly

What a lovely morning celebrating our fabulous year 6 children and all their achievements. Lots of different awards were given out including for attendance, friendship, reading and our boys and girls of the year. Congratulations to all of our year 6 children! Please follow and like us:

Rockingham’s very own Ice Ice …

Our Year 6 children were incredible at the Year 6 prom singing their very own version of Ice, Ice Baby. We are all so proud of them and are looking forward to the leavers assembly on Wednesday. Please follow and like us:

Year 6 leavers prom

What a fantastic evening we had at our year 6 leavers prom. The children really enjoyed dancing the night away, meeting future friends and we even had a surprise performance by Mrs Greenwood who inspired us with her rapping! We have loved having them here at Rockingham and would like to wish them the very best of luck at […]

Thank you Wingfield!

We would just like to say a personal thank you to Mrs Wootton Ashforth for visiting our Y6 children and discussing what will happen as they enter on their journey and transition to Wingfield. The children felt much more at ease and are really looking forward to flying the nest and spreading their wings! Please […]

6B Exploring Handwriting.

Y6B have been working on the methods taught by Martin Harvey and here they are exploring the techniques to develop accurate letter formation.   Please follow and like us:

NEMESIS Showcase

So proud of Rockingham children today, from Year 4 to Year 6 working alongside each other to share with our European partners what we have been doing during our NEMESIS projects. The children were very articulate and confidently able to present to a range of adults new learning. Well done! Please follow and like us:

Challenging Gender Stereotypes in 6B

During Diversity week 6B children have been challenging gender stereotypes through art. The children have generated a series of pictures thinking about what someone would look like in a particular profession, doctor, nurse or firefighter. What do you think? Please follow and like us:

75th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings

Today along with many others worldwide. D-day vividly illustrates the thanks we owe to friends, allies and Commonwealth nations who fought alongside Britain in defending its freedoms, values and way of life. We will always remember. Please follow and like us:

Training underway!

What an incredible afternoon we have had, thank you to all the staff for supporting today but a special thank you to Miss Tyzack for organising such a fabulous day, it was so lovely to watch the children develop new friendships, work as a team and support each other. Please follow and like us:

D-mob happy!

Y6B have started their Army training, here they are in action. This morning they have had to camouflage and hide, they have worked together as a team to build catapults to knock each others tower down. They are now having lunch in their dens. Excellent team work year 6, well done! IMG_8067 (1) Please follow […]

Preparations are underway!

Our Year 6 are in preparation for their army day tomorrow, we have a very exciting opportunity for our Year  6s working alongside the Territorial Army thanks to Miss Tyzack. The children will have to complete a series of challenges in order to be the winning team. They have a series of riddles in order […]

GPS Challenge Underway

6B have a GPS challenge and it requires all children to solve. As you can see everyone is fully on board. Good luck 6B we know you can do this. Please follow and like us:

Is it important to share your emotions?

Y6B have explored the story ‘Lucy’s Blue Day ‘ through P4C, the children generated the question ‘Is it important to share your emotions?’ The children were fabulous and shared their reasons why as you can see below. Do you think it is important to share your emotions? Please follow and like us:

Art with Mrs Taylor

This term 6B are working with Mrs Taylor to develop their artistic skills through a range of media, here they are looking at tone. Please follow and like us:

Knitting with Mrs Slack

Our Year 6 children during our Mindful week are learning how to Knit with Mrs Slack. They have had a wonderful afternoon learning a new skill. Please follow and like us:

Well-being week in Y6B

This week the whole school is supporting Mental Health and Well being with a range of activities to promote mindfulness and encourage children to talk about their feelings. In Y6B the children have listened to a range of music, taken part in some therapeutic work and spent time really getting to know each other and […]

Numeracy Easter Egg Hunt!

Mrs Buttree’s maths booster group has created a maths Easter Egg hunt. Children had to write a SATs style question for someone else and then hide it in the outdoor area. We all had fun solving the problems- Please follow and like us:

Exploring Ratio with Smoothie Making

In Y6B the children were set the challenge to calculate the number of ingredients needed to make smoothies for 36 children. They had to find a recipe they liked which served 2/4 people and calculate the ingredients using ratio and proportion. Each groups was give a set amount of ingredients and 36 cups to fill. […]

Ratio and Proportion in 6B

Today the children have been creating a range of ratios using objects around the room, including the ratio of adults to children, the ratio of boys to girls etc. With this information the children used their learning to create pic-collages to present their findings. Please follow and like us:

Active Maths

Our Year 6 children enjoyed numeracy in the hall today learning about fractions, decimals and percentages. The children were also enjoying developing mental maths strategies. Please follow and like us:

A live update from Eden Camp

Today, our Year 6 children are on a visit to Eden Camp the children will experience the sights, sounds and smells of life on the Home Front. All the buildings and grounds of an original World War 2 Prisoner of War Camp. We hope you are having a wonderful day it really looks as though […]