Harriet Goodwin Visits Rockingham!

We have been extremely fortunate to work with Harriet Goodwin who is an author and provides creative writing workshops with young children. One of Harriet’s most acclaimed books is ‘The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43’, which was shortlisted for the Blue Peter “Book I Couldn’t Put Down” Award in 2010. She combines her passion […]

NEMESIS Meeting – CoDesign Phase

Today we had our first Co-Design meeting with our LEAF centre representatives across Willowtree. Two children from each school have been selected as advocates for drive the project forward. We have looked at the project designs, visited the house and discussed our fund raising opportunities. Over the next couple of months the children will be […]

Reading Champions – Hilary Ford Award

Here are our Reading champion winners for this term, congratulations everyone we are so proud of you all. Please keep reading and we hope you enjoy spending your book token. Please enjoy more stories over the Christmas holiday and we can’t wait to continue enjoy spreading the love of reading.    

Rotherham College Production

A huge thank you to the students at Thomas Rotherham College for delivering their Anti Bulling Drama performance to all of our pupils across the academy.  We really appreciate and value you your support in developing the children’s understanding around some the issues they face. Positive reinforcement and a breath of fresh air. Thank you […]

Investigating in 5P

Before Christmas, we managed to squeeze in our dissolving investigation linked to our learning on materials and their properties unit. We used a range of vocabulary during the experiment, including the terms  soluble, insoluble, dissolving  and variables. We did our best to keep it a fair test and manage all the dependent variables.

Calendar Time

Y5P have spent part of today creating their calendars that will be sent home. Many children were focused on their learning. As a result, the outcomes are fantastic.  

Y5P Grimm and Co

We have had a great time today with Grimm and Co in school. Children were captivated by the whole session- inspired by the moment they waled into hall before creeping out for play. They then formed a fantastic written piece developed from the session.   Who would have though a bag of sand would have […]

Visit to Gainsborough Old Hall

Year 4 and 5 from Y4/5D and Y5P, have had a interesting day learning about the Tudors. They enjoyed getting into role and acting out a royal banquet for King Henry VII. They also learnt lots about what it was like to live in Tudor times.

Stars in the making.

We are so proud of Ellie Mae and Annie who were in the production of the Sound of Music. Both girls were outstanding and we shared their success in assembly today. We can’t wait to find out when your next show is so that we are able to come and watch you in action. Thank […]

Hockey Skills in Y5P with Mrs Baum

Y5P have been developing their Hockey skills with Mrs Baum today, she was so proud of how the new class have worked together as a team and supported each other with encouragement. Well done everyone!

NEMESIS Showcase

So proud of Rockingham children today, from Year 4 to Year 6 working alongside each other to share with our European partners what we have been doing during our NEMESIS projects. The children were very articulate and confidently able to present to a range of adults new learning. Well done!

Drama in Y4H

Miss Harrison has been teaching all the children in Y4H the skills and features of playscripts. The children have been generating their own ideas to apply their learning to a new context. Here they are performing what they have composed.

Eyam visit

4L had a wonderful day trip to Eyam on the 9th May. We got to see all the main sites including the Riley graves, the boundary stone and the infamous church plague window. We even had time to stop and have an ice cream despite the constant rain. After 22,000 steps for the day we […]

Eyam Y4H

Today our Year 4 children are exploring the Plague village of Eyam, they have visited the plague houses, Church and Museum. They have also been to visit the Riley Graves which sit high up on the hillside. The children are having a wonderful day and here are some pictures shared by Miss Darby.  

Year 4 Curriculum Letter

Here is the Year 4 Curriculum this term, we hope you enjoy supporting your child with this wonderful topic and all the creative home learning opportunities they will receive. Curriculum Letter Summer 2019 (1)