Parents love @GrimmAndCo

Today we had our parent workshop where we invited all of our parents in to share this magical experience, thank you again we have had the most memorable experience. Our parents loved the secret door. We really hoped you enjoyed seeing our mythical creatures and all the wonderful learning outcomes. I know quite a lot […]

Y5/6H Away from desk learning

In Maths 5/6H have been looking at perimeter and area and real life reasons why they are important. The children tried to use measurements to take area and perimeter calculations to help Mr Clarke! Please follow and like us:

Y5/6H Grimm and Co persuasion

From using the items and others found at the Grimm and Co market, we attempted to persuade people to buy them. We made radio adverts to persuade people to buy things like a rubber, a bag of sand and a cloth. First we used it on the ‘Dragons’ in the den and then made the […]

Congratulation to @GrimmAndCo

A huge congratulations to Grimm and Co on this incredible news, the children of Rotherham are so lucky to have you and we are so pleased we were able to be a small part of that today. The experiences you give are children are out of this world and we can’t wait to continue this […]

Y5/6H Science investigation

This afternoon we discussed microorganisms and how they can grow. The children then developed an investigation into how mould grows on bread and what the best location for this is. We have bread in cupboards, outside and even in the fridge. We look forward to seeing the results after half term! Please follow and like […]

Year 5 v Year 1 in Numeracy.

Year 5s are out and about exploring the environment with our Year 1S. We love maths at Rockingham let’s see which year group come out on top. Team work in Numeracy is a wonderful skill especially when children can explain how they calculated the answer. Please follow and like us:

Y5/6H Gannets

This afternoon we have studied the seabird a gannet and used our art skills to recreate an image of their heads. We discussed colour, tones and shadows to come up with a fabulous final result. Please follow and like us:

Y5/6H Rockstars

As part of our Rockstars day, all of 5/6H got chance to improve their times tables skills on Rockstars and looked amazing in their fancy dress. We had class battles and even took on Mr Hanson at our tables games. Please follow and like us:

Y5/6H Maths learning

This week after doing lots of calculation work we challenged ourselves to solve reasoning problems. We carried out the MathsMash with excellent resilience using whiteboards and equipment to solve before writing solutions onto our cards. Well done everyone for using good discussion skills. Please follow and like us:

Mr Hanson V Mrs Buttree

Today’s class challenge at lunchtime got off to a flying start with Y6B challenging Y5/6H the children were off to a flying start until Mrs Tunks and Mr Hanson decided to play. The competition was excellent between both sides. Josh Oldham Roberts was today’s man of the match, we are so proud of him with […]

Y5/6H school council election

Well done to all the children in 5/6H for wanting to take on the responsibility of being a school councillor. We had some great manifestos and it was a really hard choice to select people. Congratulations to our winners and we hope you help to make good decisions! Please follow and like us:

Y5/6H Science

This afternoon Y5/6H went outside to test if the boats made in home learning would float or sink. We also tested if they would move along the water. They were a great success and some fabulous learning took place and excellent discussions. Please follow and like us:

Y5/6H MathsMash

This year we are using all our maths and reasoning skills in different MathsMaths challenges. Y5/6H loved their first attempt! We look forward to developing our problem solving and reasoning. Please follow and like us:

Y5/6 H sports

This week 5/6H have been using their hand eye coordination skills to play hockey. We are looking forward to developing our teamwork skills over the next few weeks! #beactive Please follow and like us:

5/6 H Filtering

Using real life natural objects, including ones which could be found on a beach like sand, the children made filters. We look forward to testing them out and seeing the results! Please follow and like us: