Y5/6H Home Learning

This week we have seen some fabulous learning in 5/6H. We have also had entries to the photo competition and lots of people learning how to cook. I am so pleased to see lots of new skills taking place. Keep it up!

Year 5 Maths Residential

Last week, some very lucky year 5 mathematicians got to go to Crowden to do different activities which linked to problem solving in maths. I was amazed at the reasoning and problem solving skills of our children. Everyone was really brave doing the crate stacking and zip wiring. It was also great to see the […]

Y5/6 CSI Dig for Victory!

What an incredible morning we have had in Y5/6. Today I have been a suspect in a crime, stealing vegetables from 6B. I have had my shoes checked, finger prints, handwriting and had my measurements taken. Our children were incredible in solving the crime and gathering evidence. Look carefully at the evidence they gathered and […]

5/6H Talk for Writing

As part of our learning on procedural writing for air raids, the children did a talk for write for how to survive in an air raid at home.

Evacuee History 5/6H

To discover about the process of evacuation in World War 2, the children analysed different posters and leaflets to find out lots of information about how children and others were evacuated from cities to the countryside.

Art in 5/6H

Using our skills of line sketching, the children produced some excellent line sketches of soldiers. Everyone used very intricate details to produce them.

Basketball Stars!

Our Year 5 children were superb on the basketball court on Monday evening and worked extremely hard playing against some very experienced teams  who also had the height. We finished in 3rd place and are so proud of our up and coming stars. Thank you to Annie’s mum for this beautiful picture.

5/6H Science Reflections

As part of our Science learning on light, we investigated how angles of reflection work. Then we investigated the use of reflection to see around objects like that used in the periscopes of submarines. We had to use our knowledge of angles in maths to help solve the problem.

Tag Team Maths Y6

Today our Year 6s played tag team multiplication in the hall. A difficult challenge of teamwork, skill and resilience. The children were encouraged to self check their learning. Well done Year 6 and thank you Miss Tyzack for planning an incredible numeracy lesson.

Well done Aiden!

Aiden has produced some outstanding home learning this week we are really proud of him. He has so much enthusiasm for his learning and is passionate about his learning. Well done Aiden.

Harriet Goodwin Visits Rockingham!

We have been extremely fortunate to work with Harriet Goodwin who is an author and provides creative writing workshops with young children. One of Harriet’s most acclaimed books is ‘The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43’, which was shortlisted for the Blue Peter “Book I Couldn’t Put Down” Award in 2010. She combines her passion […]

Numeracy with Mrs Greenwood

This week in Numeracy we have been learning all about Prime Numbers, Square Numbers and using addition in its many forms, the children have had a fabulous week and worked extremely hard to achieve their targets. Miss Tyzack has also taught the children a sneaky trick on how to calculate their prime numbers. Good luck […]

Reading Champions – Hilary Ford Award

Here are our Reading champion winners for this term, congratulations everyone we are so proud of you all. Please keep reading and we hope you enjoy spending your book token. Please enjoy more stories over the Christmas holiday and we can’t wait to continue enjoy spreading the love of reading.    

Rotherham College Production

A huge thank you to the students at Thomas Rotherham College for delivering their Anti Bulling Drama performance to all of our pupils across the academy.  We really appreciate and value you your support in developing the children’s understanding around some the issues they face. Positive reinforcement and a breath of fresh air. Thank you […]