Measuring Outdoors Y4/5D

The children were set the challenge to estimate and measure the length of the playground. We used different ways of measuring to see, which was most accurate. Then we used our conversion skills to convert between different units of measure. Please follow and like us:

P4c in Y4/5D

Today the children discussed the questions ‘Why didn’t women act in Shakespearean times?’. Before we started our discussion we revisited the P4c rules about respecting other children’s views. The children shared many different ideas and listened to their peers opinions. Please follow and like us:

Year 6 Kelham Island

Year 6 have been evacuated! Children have taken part in a day fully immersed in life on the 1st September 1939 when children were evacuated from large cities – like Sheffield. We have investigated missing luggage and experienced what it is like during an Air Raid. Our learning today has supported out WWII topic and book […]

Knife and Fork Week

We wanted to demonstrate to children proper dining table etiquete. We enjoyed practising using our knives and forks with how to eat correctly. Please follow and like us:

Measuring the Perimeter of York Minster

Recently Year 5 took part in a residential to York. We really enjoyed visiting York Minster, and when we returned to Rockingham we learnt how to measure the perimeter of the minster.   Please follow and like us: