Magic and mystery.

We all really enjoyed our time in here today. We explored the mysterious objects and used our descriptive language to describe them. We are looking forward to see where our next adventure takes us  

Today we had a mysterious box arrive  we had a discussion about what could be in it. When we opened it we discovered it was EMPTY!! Very strange!!!

Food Technology in Y3M

Our Year 3 children are learning about deforestation and are looking at the use of Palm oil. The children have made flapjacks without Palm oil in to sell at the Internet Cafe tomorrow. We are using the profits to support Rainforest Uk.

Some superb efforts this week for our active challenges. Thank you to everyone who has already got involved we have loved sharing your photos.

Ukulele’s are ready to take home!

Our Year 3 children are really excited about taking home their Ukulele’s next week. Our children have all been labeled and they are ready to go, could all parents complete the form to say you are happy for your child to take it home. I bet you can’t wait to hear them playing this beautiful […]

Fire safety

Today we had a fire safety talk from South Yorkshire fire service  the children learned alot about keeping safe and really enjoyed practicing the STOP, DROP , and ROLL technique . 

Birdhouse research.

For our D.T project we went outside to research the ideal place to put a birdhouse, what materials are best to make one and what features it needed. We also discovered much more in our pond area.

Ukuleles in Y3M

This afternoon Y3M had their first Ukulele lesson, all the children were beaming with pride when they received it. I’m sure our parents can’t wait to hear them practicing at home. They worked extremely hard this afternoon to learn how to play a simple tune. Thank you Mrs Thompson-Smith.

Class Challenge is underway!

Which class will win our class challenge this year and be the first to get their name on our new trophy? Today Y3M took on the challenge against Y3/4P to compete in a cross country competition ready for our first tournament. All the children worked really hard to build their stamina and show their fitness […]

Big String

Our Year 3 children have performed beautifully at the big string with their Ukulele we were all extremely proud of their enthusiasm and attitude to learning a new instrument. Congratulations.

Meditation in Y3M

This afternoon 3M have had a wonderful afternoon during our mindful week. The children were involved in meditation before starting their learning.

Real Project – 3M & 3/4P Fundraiser

3m and 3/4P have completed their fundraiser for the British Heart Foundation. The children have completed the ‘Skip A Mile’ challenge and have so far raised over £300. Please donate if you havent already, you have till tomorrow at 3.15pm. Well done everyone and thank you for everybody who has donated.